Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tie one on.....another Hermes scarf, and a cheery red the colour that makes me happy.

Bright and cheerful, this vintage, late 60's Hermes scarf is red, white and blue with a touch of gold....equestrian theme.
Hermes have cards and booklets which are full of photos showing various ways to tie and wear their scarves, maybe too many ways!
I stood in front of the mirror trying various knots but with this one I like to loosely toss it casually around my neck so that all the colours show.

I wore this scarf to an orchid show and a fellow volunteer commented on how she had stood in front of her mirror that very morning fussing and repositioning and tying and untying her scarf only to rip it off in disgust. (sound familiar!)
She was admiring the way I had done mine. I was embarrased by all the fuss but explained that it was easy,  just one loose simple crossover and I left the V at the voila.
I believe the secret to wearing scarves is just to wear them with an attitude of confidence. It is not perfection, it is colorful silk draped simply encircling the neck or tied on a handbag.
Don't take it too seriously, it's meant to be FUN!

Accessories are the workhorses of my wardrobe, and generally they are affordable items.
I shop thrift shops for vintage pieces. There is a thrill in thrifting something of detail and beauty.

I have been thinking about red boots recently.
I swooned over a wonderful pair that  mater blogged about at Christmas.
Ah, the power of suggestion!

I have admired Hunter boots and have seen them in English Country Living magazine which I read every month.
 These boots would walk along the waterfront, on the beach, to the market, and trudge around the garden look cheerful, and keep my feet dry. I think I am convnced!

Those red Hunters are sold out in my size and will not stock more until March.
I'll be dodging puddles until then....

P.S.  The sun made it's debut today after many days of rain and Mr. L and I went for a walk along the waterfront. (as did most of the neighbourhood!)
The skies were clear, the water calm, the air fresh.
People were smiling.

Clumps of pure white snowdrops are popping up in the garden.
Bulbs have started to grow.
The flower venders have bunches of yellow daffodils in their buckets.
I have a sneaky feeling that Spring is coming early this year.


  1. Just discovered your blog via femme d'un certain age and wanted to say how attractive your garden and hermes scarves are. I only bought my 1st one the other day. I love your Constance Spry rose, I can't grow it here in Australia, the humidity gives it black spot and it won't flower. I love that book Wear More cashmere and own it too.

  2. I tried on Hunters the year before last -- I love their classic, practical style, but alas, they're too tall for my short legs . . . your scarf is vibrant!

  3. Faux Fuchsia-Welcome, congratulations on the scarf! I'll be checking your blog out too.
    Materfamilias- Your new boots are divine...I am short as well so I'll be aware, thanks for the tip.