Monday, January 4, 2010

The Art of Thrifting, "Scores" and Accounting for taste, or not!

I am an avid thrift shopper and can be found frequenting the local Value Village, which in our circle, we refer to as the VV Boutique! I have found all kinds of treasures there. I have found things for friends, family and our bungalow home. My best score by far, was a pair of arts and crafts bookends, bronze with sterling birds, made by the Heinz Art Metal Company. My heart accelerated when I saw the makers mark as I knew this was a valuable find. I purchased these and quickly left the store, raced home and confirmed that indeed these were valuable and collectible so I promptly sold them to an antique dealer and within a few minutes had walked across the street to an antique mall and purchased a lovely string of baroque pearls!
I have passed this thrift shopping onto my daughter who is very successful and lucky when it comes to sourcing out treasures, she has an art history background which helps her to spot a gem when others have passed it by. She has furnished her apartment in mid century modern teak and art glass and has a  collection that would easily be representative in a gallery or museum, of the Mid Century Modern Era.

Not all my treasures are to Mr. L's liking! I have stashed some of my whimsical items away and some I display in my hobby room. I admit they are not "quality art" simply vintage finds, and they do not represent "us as a couple" they speak only to me!

As you can see, I have shelf space waiting for the next arrival. There has been a bit of a drought here for American Art Pottery figurines in matte white, which of course they must be...and whimsical too!

I go hunting for treasures with an open mind, that seems to help me achieve clarity and not discard or ignore the possibilities that are there if one just "looks" really never know what you're looking for until it presents itself!

Happy Thrifting!

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