Monday, January 25, 2010

Simon Chang meets Marcel Boucher

Saturday: matinee, live local Theatre production, with Mother.
Outfit: Ca va de Soi taupe tank, Black trousers, Simon Chang jacket,
Brown Nine West shoes.

Accessories: Diamond studs, diamond solitaire pendant, diamond engagement and anniversary rings.
and introducing Marcel Boucher...the brooch.

Boucher designed jewelry and apprenticed for Cartier in Paris in the late 1910's and early 20's. He was transferred to the New York branch in 1922 and continued making jewelry until the 1929 Wall Street crash. He worked in the costume jewelry business with the Mazer Brothers and then opened his own small company Boucher et Cie in 1937. He had a reputation for innovation and exceptional metalwork, his rhinestones were exquisitely cut and enameling so colorful that the pieces were often mistaken for precious jewels. Saks Fifth Avenue carried his designs, and when he died in 1965 his wife, also a French jewelry designer, Sandra Semensohn kept the company going until she sold it in 1972.


  1. I love this jacket! I just bought a couple in the same style :O) I had lots of fun playing with it and other outfits this weekend :O)

  2. OOOOOH just gorgeous, Hostess! love it...

  3. Suburban Princess-They are great jackets...what colors did you buy?

    Semi Expat- Thank you, fashion is supposed to be fun!