Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am not a trophy wife, but I have several trophies.

I fancy trophies, they represent great achievements.
I have had the honor of winning a rose bowl from the Garden Club for best rose in show. My name was engraved on it and I had it on display, proudly but humbly, on my mantle for one year... I had to give it back as I did not win best rose in show the following year!

This large vintage trophy was a gift from my delightful daughter JAL. It was  filled with white lilac on the occasion of Mother's Day!
I do not think that my mothering skills are worthy of a trophy, I'll take it as a compliment.

I was not athletic in my youth, save that darned grass hockey team that I played on in high school. Grass hockey was a rough and tumble sport and my shins were black and blue with bruises. I was short and and slow so I was an easy mark.  I was very afraid when we played against the private schools as they played for honour, to win and there was usually blood.

Look at that dirty window pane. No one would bestow an award for cleaning here...excuse me, Ms.H (she doesn't do windows) besides the mess is on the outside!

I am told this trophy appeared in the movie The Fog....I wouldn't know.  I do not watch horror films.
I love the racket details, so artistic and finely crafted.

A trophy wife is defined as -

A wife, usually young and attractive, regarded as a status symbol for the husband, usually older and affluent.

"Our romantic ideals are always grounded in economic realities, from the Victorian marriage model to the 1980s masters of the universe for whom a standard-issue trophy wife was a badge of honor."
Source: Deborah Siegel,, "The New Trophy Wife", Jan/Feb 2004.

MOTU...trophy wife! Classifying and labelling are too general as they do not allow for individuality...I am sure there are exceptions to every rule. 
I'll leave that dangling thought as I need to ponder and ruminate more on the subject.....


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