Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shopping with my BFF, we've been getting into mischief like this since grade 3!

I got an early morning call from my girlfriend SMB. whom I have known since grade 3...She is my BFF and have shared all kinds of adventures. We are very close, symbiotic almost, love the same things, do not compete in any area, love and honor each other, have way too much fun together, doing anything and nothing. We are still growing up and getting older together,  hopefully, with a modicum of grace. We are not navel gazers,  do not take ourselves seriously, we laugh, we share and we DO.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life. We are like family, but more so.  Our kids hang out together, they are like cousins.
We CELEBRATE.....birthdays, dinners, lunches, we go boating together, we shop, we share books, we both live in arts and crafts homes, we can talk on the phone for hours, (until the batteries die and we need to hang up and recharge them!) we share similar opinions and have the same taste in clothing. It is actually quite funny... when we shop individually we frequently end up at the same event dressed in the identical piece of clothing. People smirk and think we shopped together...LOL! (We stopped phoning each other asking about our attire when we were out of high school, well, truthfully we still do it once in awhile!)
Here's one of the BEST BITS...our husbands really get along, and famously, they trade books, help each other on the boats, and go crabbing together. They are both self employed and so have much in common  as bosses and business owners.

Today we met at the Mall she was on a jean shopping mission and so was I, we ended up at the Gap and both got some dark wash denim, mine are curvy ankle length 1969 and she got 2 different pairs of 1969's and not the same styles as mine!
After the Gap, we cruised the mall and I found my black wool "dream coat." I have been looking for one like it for about 2 years!  And it was on SALE 50% off the regular price of $600....looks great, feels soft, will go with everything! European made by OLSEN.

We stopped for a bowl of hot soup before parting and getting on with our grocery shopping...which we do at the same small independent market in her neighbourhood, (a very Tony area) I drive 15 minutes to get there as I am closer to town. It is well worth the drive as this market has the best produce and organic meat and poultry. I work in this area so I usually drive by and shop on my way home, but today I was off work and I needed a chicken for dinner and a few fresh veggies.

My pictures do not do it justice but trust me ithe coat is sumptuous! Cashmere and wool, what a great combo.
I love it and with any luck and TLC it should last me years. The CPW will be pennies as it will be my fall and winter basic all occasion coat.
The collar is wide and asymetrical, it can stand up with a kind of "Elizabethan" feel, very soft looking and flattering for my curly hair and roundish face.

I am pinching myself as I write this...another "AH HA" moment.

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  1. That coat looks/sounds wonderful! I love the idea of the collar which will cut the wind besides looking glamourous.