Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm not sure how I feel after today...

I went to Yoga, a lovely hour of stretching and strengthening muscles and core. I have missed the regularity of going, no one's fault but my own. Feel so rejuvenated after the session. Note to self, go again, establish a pattern, commit to wellness!

Later, I delivered a sympathy card to a co-worker, a teacher whose brother passed away. I met her in front of her home as she was going out and we hugged, she clung to me and sobbed. "He was young, it was sudden, we were not expecting it." I was at a loss for words, I listened, then she was quiet...I said how sorry I was to hear and how we were all thinking of her at school...tears, awkward moment, then I took my leave.

Grief, we experience it personally and witness it when it strikes others. Gentle words, thoughtful gestures, flowers, a casserole, a cup of tea, a warm hug, or a shoulder to cry on...extend yourself and think of someone who might benefit from your kindness.


  1. Still, you were there for her. Awkward or not. And, as an aside, I plan to start back up with yoga next week myself:).

  2. My Pilates instructor gets back this weekend and classes will start up again next Tuesday, not a moment too soon. I swear I'm at least an inch shorter than I was before she left . . .

  3. I am very grateful for your comments,thank you for taking the time to visit, and it's got to feel great getting into our Yoga/Pilates classes. I slept deeply and did not wake up as much after my session and that is a gift.