Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday is an indulgent ME DAY....Yoga 1st, Spa 2nd...and Flea Market Style is having a giveaway!

Tomorrow I will be attending my regular Yoga class and after many downward dogs, and several sun salutations I am heading off to the spa for a facial.
I go to a luxurious spa in a large hotel downtown and have been going there for several years. My family have kindly given me gift certificates for birthdays and Christmas. I haven't always been a spa client. It's a luxury that I have come to appreciate since my 40th birthday!
I received a gift certificate for a 90 minute facial from Mr. HB for Christmas which had a 30 minute mini manicure added on as a gift bonus.  Thank you Mr. HB, I am going to use the mineral pool and sauna, shower, put on a plush terry robe, sit in the lounge, read magazines, sip herbal tea and eat fresh fruit and yogurt before the 90 minute facial and then the 30 minute manicure...
After which I will retreat to the lounge to let my polish set, sip mineral water and take a few deep breaths before dressing in my street clothes and driving home.
I will be in the Zen Zone, not rushing about, not working hard, not thinking about world events or worrying about our elderly mothers. I will banish the thought that I am unworthy of such pampering and put my "Do list" aside for a few sacred hours and give myself up to momentary bliss.

I am excited about a new magazine coming out in February...
flea market style is having a giveaway to celebrate the launch of the magazine...pop over to their blog and check it out, and enter their giveaway.