Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meow, I won!

I just discovered that I have helped name Jamie Cat Callan's kitten. She invited readers to suggest possible names for her orange tabby rescue kitten and being a cat lover I leapt at the chance!
He is now affectionately known as Mr. Pickles! Jamie will be sending me a copy of her book and I am eager to read it. She is currently working on another one which should be out sometime in 2010.
In case you are not familiar with Jamie, she is an author and has a blog called

I will be reading her book as soon as it arrives and I am looking forward to finding out more about "Why French Women Don't Sleep Alone"

Our resident bungalow cat is nearly 17 and is showing her age. We have her on medications and visits to the vet have become all too regular. She is a lovely cat and we know that her days are numbered, we are lavishing love and fancy food on her as she has given us so much.

Stickley, Humble Bungalow Cat

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