Monday, January 18, 2010

Reflections, thoughts and musings...on a sunny Monday morning.

Arbutus tree outside the living room window.

Looking back, I do not feel that much older than when we moved into our bungalow, yet here it is nearly 28 years later.
Time does seem to go faster as we get older.

A friend suggested it is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end the faster it unrolls.

Our darling children spent their childhood growing up here.
Our home is much quieter since they moved out, Mr. L., the cat and I are not noisy. Except of course on hockey nights when shouts arise when goals are scored.

Bronzed Baby shoes.
Does anyone still do this with their babies first shoes? We were recently in Birks and I noticed that they still provide this service, how comforting to know that some things never change!

We have 2 children, a boy and a girl, they are adults now, and have created lives of their own. JAL our daughter has a great job and a lovely character apartment filled with mid century teak and art glass. She has a trained eye when it comes to antiques and collectibles, the art history university background has helped her recognize quality pieces.
 SBL our son has a lovely wife, they live in a large home with a view which is full of mid century teak and art glass as well. They are expecting a baby in early June and are decorating the babies room at present.
I love my family and want to spend time with them. I do not want to smother them or appear desperate or needy. It is a fine line and I do not want to cross it.
 I am eager to invite them back for Roast Beef Sundays and enjoy the friendly banter and chatter that accompanies their visit.
Monday evenings, JAL comes over to do her laundry, we drink some bubbly, make dinner and watch The Batchelor. I do so love the regular Monday night visit.

 I am grateful for so many things; children who live in the same town, who are connected and share with us, much of what is new in their lives.

I am kitting out the pram and have a knitting project on the needles at present.

Grammy's knitting project #1 box blanket in off white yarn.

Knitting in a quiet room, the sun streaming through the windows, does lend itself to reflection.
The soft sound of the bamboo needles as the stitches slip over top to the other side...counting, concentrating, feels a bit like Yoga for the hands!


  1. How wonderful that your children have settled in your town.

  2. I love how you're so content and happy! :) I'd love to have my mom invite me for Sunday supper!

  3. I feel so at home on your blog. Thank for for coming over and visiting mine. :) I love DA roses but have never grown them. A Chris Craft? OMGosh, I bet you have a wonderful time. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  4. PM-Welcome, happy to visit your blog! I'll post about our CC sometime soon.