Thursday, January 28, 2010

Company's coming! Fresh from baskets, and hostess-ing in the bungalow

In a couple of days our dear friends who have been in France for 5 months are coming to stay with us for a few days. So I will be in full on hostess mode! I am eager to see them as it has been far too long and they have pictures of their adventures, from Paris to the countryside near Auvilar where they were living. I also think my autographed copy Of French Women Don't Sleep Alone written by Jamie Cat Callan is coming!
I am getting things tidy and ready for them. I washed and ironed the Alfred Sung sheets (Yes I had to iron them as the edges were wrinkled and said to myself who irons sheets in this day and age? )
That prompted me to go out and seek out some better sheets. The thread count that I usually aim for are over 500 but I found a set that were sateen and at 400 thread count they feel very soft and smooth. They look lovely on the bed under the toile du jouy coverlet.

Humblest of Humble Bungalow Guestroom
(Small but cozy!)

French books, magazines, chocolates and Perrier.

There is a small bathroom and a sitting area just outside the guest room but as I have said, our bungalow is small...the accommodation is very modest, comfortable, and we usually spend time socializing and going out. So far none of our friends have complained!

WARNING!  the next pictures show a very dated decor! Peek only if you are brave!

This bathroom is on the "To remodel list"...I want to add a shower and expand on the space but that means a general contractor and disruption so not this year, maybe 2011.

This bathroom was done in the late 1980's....need I say more?

We plan to go out to a local Italian restaurant one evening and the other we plan to cook an authentic French dinner of 5 courses! We each have a copy of the cookbook The French Market Cookbook:More Recipes from a French Kitchen by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde. According to my girlfriend this was spot on for the local area where they were living, as the local markets carried the food items required in the recipes.
The French Market cookbook is wonderfully illustrated, the recipes are simple and straightforward and as with so much of the French influence, it revolves around marketing, small specialty vendors, local produce and wine.
The Joie de Vivre book is not as much of a cookbook as it is a lesson on shopping, cooking, serving and eating the way the French do.

I am heartened that marketing involves baskets as I am a huge fan of baskets. I do have a variety of vintage first nations baskets but I am referring to the sturdy ones with handles that one can pop over their arm and load up with veggies, cheeses, bread and wine. I have several baskets that I use for a variety of things, from a lasagna size casserole to a small appie and a bottle of wine.

I have "planned ahead for my retirement" in that I ordered a French Market basket on wheels! I ordered this online as I couldn't find one anywhere close by. In my retirement I wonder if I will have more time to leisurely stroll to the Village? Who knows?
French Market Basket on wheels.


  1. I've always wanted one of those baskets on wheels.

    Love the coverlet too.

  2. Well I think it all looks very lovely and cosy and I am sure you will all have a great time together...

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Enjoy your visit!

  4. Thank you...we are very humble here...and might not hear from me for awhile....

  5. I'm a new reader, enjoying your posts very much. Thanks for recommending The French Market Cookbook - Fran Warde used to be the food editor of a British magazine I sometime read and I always liked her articles. I have the Joie de Vivre book and look through it at least once a year for inspiration. By the way, your guest room looks wonderfully cosy, your friends will be delighted, I'm sure. Patricia

  6. Have a lovely visit -- your guest room is delightful! One last thing to do now, according to Georgia O'Keeffe -- she would always sleep in the guest room for a few nights before guests arrived to be sure everything was comfortable. Of course, that raises the unavoidable problem of having to launder linens and make the bed again -- who has time for that level of hospitality!!?

  7. Hi Patricia welcome!
    Materfamilias- I sleep there when either my husband or I are ill, and it is much quieter downstairs and the new mattress is comfy!

  8. May you kindly share where you ordered from online the french market basket on wheels. i'm looking for one just like it. Anne-Marie Thank you so much!