Friday, January 29, 2010

Gifting primulas...simple, cheerful, and easy on the pocketbook.

I am on the Sunshine Committee at work...that means I buy cards, flowers, and fruit baskets for those who are ill, have lost a loved one, or have been hospitalized.

I bought this great basket and then filled it with primulas which were on sale for $1 each.
I delivered it today after work, and had a short visit with a co worker who had surgery.

These will last for several weeks in the house and then they can be planted outside to repeat bloom every spring and again in the fall.

....and then not so much a sunshine errand...

While I was at the florist I picked out all white flowers for my husbands' co worker who very recently had a death in the family. 
All white floral bouquets with greenery are the most elegant and for some reason just feel right at a time of sorrow. I chose white roses, baby's breath and feathery ferns.
I enclosed a handwritten note and arranged for delivery.

 Death is something I acknowledge with cards and frequently flowers, and not only for close friends but acquaintances and people who I have known in the past.
There is comfort taken when a handwritten note or card is received. I carefully choose my words, keep the thoughts from being morbid, leaning more to cherishing the happy memories and moments spent together in happier times.

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