Monday, May 31, 2010

Peaches n' Green....

I love roses!
Abraham Darby is a top notch performer.

 Petals of peach
 with the chartruese of Ladys' Mantle.

Peaches n' Green
a beautiful pairing.

This is the pairing today.

Our new teak deck furniture arrived.

I enjoy walking in our neighbourhood.
We are a block from the ocean where I tend to walk most often.
 I love to breathe in the salty air
there is usually a breeze
  and fierce gusts of wind are not uncommon.
I find myself garden sleuthing
looking at and making mental notes of ideas and plantings.

The drought tolerant gardens fascinate me...
river rocks, wood features and masses of grasses.
There are the cottage gardens which stop me in my tracks...
I am compelled to smell the roses that are near to the sidewalk.
 The gardeners who are out digging and weeding their patch are easily engaged in conversation...
I wonder about the owners of the gardens where the weeds have grown large and the grass is not trimmed...I am not judging, just curious.
I think perchance an elderly resident
or possibly the home is vacant.

Thinking and breathing come naturally when walking....
meditative mulling of minutiae.

My posts may be shorter and less frequent as I am embracing the walking regime...
 less time sitting at the computer...
 more time pounding the pavement!


  1. hi leslie,

    the color of that rose is breathtaking. how lucky that you only live a block from the beach. that must make for wonderful walks.


    ps ~ i see there is a bit of a rebel in the hostess with 2 piercings!

  2. How lucky you are to live so close to the sea! I was just complaining to my husband and son this morning how much more fun it would be to garden by the sea, and not in the precocious prairie. Not to mention being able to walk by the water. Heaven!

  3. Your new outdoor furniture looks fine, and doesn´t teak age beautifully? You are so lucky to have the sea so near. Is it possible to walk barefoot on the beach? You don´t need to post less; while walking, you have time to think what you will write and then sum it all up at home; )

  4. Such lovely roses Hostess and how lovely that you can walk near the sea - you are lucky! x

  5. I love those roses! I have a Niagara Rainbow in my backyard and it always puts on a good show - well into December no less!

  6. Your roses are beautiful and your deck looks sooooo inviting.

    I should do the exact same thing you are -- get off my bottom and get moving.

    Love hearing from you. You are one of the best parts of the blog-o-sphere.

    So sorry for being awol.


  7. Hostess - I once had one of those yards with the weeds. Small kids, remodel, exhaustion. I even got a ticket for having weeds of a "Noxious and downy habit." Ha! It's much better now.

  8. Janet-Maybe just a wee bit of a rebel!

    metscan-Our beach is rocky so shoes are a must unless I go a bit farther to the sandy bay 1km away.

    LPC-Wow that is a shock...there's an upscale neighbourhood in the city here that has a by law which states no one can hang their clothes outside to dry! It is an offense which carries a fine too. The municipalities must be desperate for money!

  9. That Abraham Darby is gorgeous -- is it richly scented? and does it bloom all summer or just one big show?

  10. materfamilias-it's a repeat bloomer...just deadhead the faded ones and the scent is truly intoxicating, very full bodied'll swoon!

  11. I love David Austen Roses too - my favorite is Constance Spry. Thanks for visiting my blog.