Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day Weekend activities...they are all over the map.

Abraham Darby by David Austin
grown in the Bungalow Garden.

The fragrance is intoxicating and heavy with perfume.
It is a repeat bloomer and one of my favorite roses.

 Victoria Day is a holiday so we have an extra day to play.
I have been busy in the garden weeding and watering.

Mr. HB and I sourced out and purchased new deck furniture...
teak table, chairs, bench and an umbrella...
 arriving next weekend.

Mr. HB and I have been cleaning the boat getting ready for the cruising season.
I am grateful for the boathouse as it helps keep the boat protected and surprisingly clean inside.

It's considered very bad form to have a dirty boat!
Here I am aft, taking a photo of our long time cruising buddies and lo and behold they are snapping one of us!

We sometimes need to get very fussy about the attention to details....

especially when we are on show!

The first harvesting of rhubarb

Simply wash and chop...


follow directions...bake in oven.

Put the kettle on and brew a pot...
sit for a bit and travel to the Countryside
via Country Living UK....
I don't regret this armchair vacation!

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic is in this issue!!!


  1. I have been craving rhubard - tis the season! I must get to a farmers market asap!

  2. The Abraham Darby is a real beauty! You can hop in and out as your garden is so near. Lucky you. Is the boat in the picture yours? Wow, I´m sure it could occupy all your time, if you wanted to. Summer is a busy time at the bungalow : )!

  3. metscan-Yes the boat is ours...we've owned it since is a labour of love...before that we sailed in our Catalina 27 but the kids wanted to get to the destinations "faster" so we switched to a power boat. Mr. HB and I met boating back in the late 60's, our lives have revolved around boats and the ocean ever since.

  4. Chris Craft Constellation looks ready for a full season on the sea! We are almost ready ourselves. I love the picture of the two of you captioned "boating season". That photo could inspire another blog. Susan :)

  5. Neil and Susan Brown-There's a lot to do getting ready for the season isn't there? I love that's from our early dating days!