Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Hermes....and scarf thrift shopping.

I throw on my Hermes scarves with just about any outfit.
They are so versatile.

they add colour and interest
and they keep my neck warm.

Dark denim jeans, patent leather Mee Too kitten heels, Quilted Eddie Bauer vest...
just add a tee and
I am ready to go to the Market or run errands.
How simple is that?

Switch the Hermes for this one...

or this one...
wanna be equestrian!

or swap out the vest and the scarf. 

Royal Robbins least 3 years old and still going strong.

Any scarf can add colour and interest.
I have a few other scarves and enjoy them as well.
I am definitely not a scarf snob.
In fact, I find many great silk scarves in thrift shops.
Many designers have done fabulous scarves over the years.

A few years ago I came across a lovely vintage Balanciaga silk scarf which I sold for a tidy profit in a high end consignment shop.
I bought a vintage Hermes twill for under $20 but the colours were not right for me so I sold it as well.
When in a thrift shop I always look at the scarves because you never know what you'll find.
Who knows it could be your lucky day!
Happy Hunting.


  1. Great advice re the scarves!

    I love your vests too.

    SSG xxx

  2. Well done Hostess. The vest below is very equestrian. Something like this is allowed, especially when the very equestrian brand Hermes is in question ;)

  3. I love the ensembles you've put together! Beautiful scarves, too.

  4. I fear that in this lifetime I will never become one who can wear accessories without excessive anxiety. But I love to watch what others do. I own a belt made from a Ferragamo scarf. I've worn it twice in my life. Sigh.

  5. Love that scarf at the top (I've admired your Jardins d'Andalousie in a prior post, but the top one is new to me and lovely). Scarves are more interesting to me than jewelry - more ways to wear them and they add my beloved color.

  6. I've focused my thrift karma on finding a Hermes scarf for more than 20 years. Never found one. I have found 6 ties. Perhaps 6 ties=1 scarf?

  7. I buy other scarves too- mostly Indian shawls- but for silk print, Hermes. Some Italian and French prints are beautiful but to get the quality in design, material, printing and design, Hermes.

  8. Love the scarves- all are divine. My knitting and crochet have slowed down....must get back into it. How is your garden? Mine is awful. Winter. Everything looks awful. x

  9. SSG- The vests here work well in our rains quite a bit and I find I get chilled easily.

    metscan-I never thought of the vests as equestrian, they are quite common here and worn by many non riders.

    Deja Pseu-Thank you, I am working on the polyvore challenge!

    LPC-May we have a photo of the Ferragamo?

    Artful lawyer-I love both jewels and scarves!

    Duchesse- I have to agree! Hermes is top notch.

    FF-My garden is really putting on a show...our summer will be starting next month...if your winter is like ours it seems perfect for cocooning and indoor projects...I see that you have embraced thrift...maybe you'll discover some amazing find if you go you ever peek in charity or thrift shops?

  10. Upon cleaning out my Mother's home after she passed away, I came across a bag full (probably 50) of scarves. I sold the whole bag of them for $5 in the Estate I wished I had kept them :(