Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bungalow angst and solutions.

Mr. HB and I are readers...he keeps most of his and rereads them.
 I take mine to the local bookstore in the village where they give me credit to feed my habit!
I keep a few choice books but as a resident here in the Humble Bungalow (read as space challenged)
I cannot keep much of anything.
I got tired of looking at a shelving unit down in the unfinished portion of the basement that had books stacked haphazardly this way and that.
I set out to find a solution and look what I found.

This is an improvement, neatens up the space and I can walk by without wincing.
Warning look away...
The drywall mud is still scary!

 I want to have the unfinished part of the house finished...
I hope it happens before I retire!

Now I need to tackle this mess...

"The Wave" was painted shortly after we returned from Tofino last May. 
I was inspired by the storm watch and the surfers as they rode the curls...
if I had a beach cottage it might be hung's far too big for the Chris Craft!

Spring weather inspires me to de-clutter and pare down.
The sunshine illuminates the cobwebs that have gathered in the dimly lit days of winter,
hence the cleaner in me is awakened!
It's a renewing of interest in the domestics on the homefront that spur me on and fuel my actions.

The garden needs weeding and the edges need trimming and how fortunate that the sun is shining!
 I am planning to go to the nursery sometime this weekend and choose some vegetables to plant in my new raised beds.

Enjoy your weekend,
Hugs from the Hostess!


  1. hi dearest leslie,

    you know i feel your pain. no storage whatsoever here. it really makes one pare down out of necessity. i recently found a little shelf forgotten in the basement that i can maybe use in the bathroom to store a few necessities. i love your new storage system, it looks too pretty for the basement.

    the weather is spectacular here also. i can barely stand to be inside. i'm sitting with my laptop on the porch listening to the birds sing and take their baths. happy gardening/organizing!


  2. Hi! I have found out, that the only thing to do, if your storage places are very limited, it is best to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Although our house might be larger, there is no place for anything extra. I keep in mind, that if something comes in, then something goes out. I like the philosophy of feng-shui, which says, that even storage places must be in order. Feng-shui is nearly perfect in our closet room, as I have very little clothes and accessories. Same goes with my hb. Btw., if you want to keep all your things and get organized, then do visit the blog I suggested yesterday ; ) !