Saturday, May 22, 2010

The power of suggestion...the internet...a long distance telephone call...a volcano...and air mail.

Something arrived in the mail...from Finland...look at the cute stamps!

metscan blogged about her donuts...
 (known as scrunchies here in Canada)

I am growing my hair and like to keep it out of my face when gardening, cooking, baking and boating.
I called mette's friend Tua in Helsinki and she arranged to have these sent to me...
there was a slight delay due to the eruptions of the Icelandic volcano,
 and here they are!

one green and one blue!

As an internet shy shopper this was a foray into murky waters for me.
I am pleased at the ease of the transaction. (so far)
I have obtained a money order from the banking institution and have popped it into the post.
Fingers crossed that Tua gets it...
after which I shall breathe a little easier.


  1. How fun! Love the blogger cooperation. And I will fight to the death for our right to wear scrunchies. Or doughnuts. Those look quite elegant.

  2. Oh Hostess: I´m so, so happy that you received your donuts!!!! I was about to inquire about them from you just the other day. I could not be without mine. I even wear one around my wrist-just in case I need to twist my hair together.

  3. LPC-I am very happy that I bought them! They are elegant and functional too!
    Metscan-Thank you for blogging about your donuts...I never would have found them if it had not been for you...a millions thanks!
    They do make a luxe bracelet!

  4. Hi Hostess,
    They are very high end scrunchies indeed.

    I agree with LPC - wear your scrunchies with pride.

    SSG xxx

  5. They look great fun... isn't great to be part of the blogging world... x

  6. Congratulations on both we have to see one of these lovelies on you...whilst gardening! I think it will make for a great photo:)


  7. Jeanne- I could wear these on my wrist...they would get very dirty though.
    My hair is not yet to my shoulders... I am in the growing longer stage...soon!