Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After the rain garden walkabout...

It was raining...I had planned to spend the day gardening but alas it is too wet.
Sum and Substance a very grand Hosta

Lady's mantle

The sun is playing hide and seek in the clouds.


 I managed to grab my camera and pop out for a few snaps before it hid again.
Flowering thyme on the slate patio

These white tulips bloom quite late.

Wigelia at the entrance to the backyard.

Azalea Rothschild sweetly scented.

After the rainfall it's scent is released and is divinely intoxicating!

Pavement series hardy rose.
Very heavily perfumed!

Our industious and hard working local Mason bee.

Purple allium

The humble Poppy

There is a lot happening in the Bungalow Garden...and there's a lot more to follow!

Speaking of following, I have a gift away going until June 18th...see my former post if you want to enter!


  1. What a stunning palette! Simply gorgeous! It's wonderful to have some color in the yard.

  2. As always, you folks "down south" are ahead of us -- no roses blooming here yet, altho' the buds are getting fatter . . . no rain here yet today, and I have to admit we could use a bit -- our dirt roads are quite dusty right now.

  3. hi leslie,

    your color palette is magnificent. so very beautiful. you are an artist!


  4. Are all these flowers in your own garden? All I can say is: Wow!

  5. metscan- all these flowers are here in our garden...I am passionate about flowers and I am WOWED by nature in all her glory...I am a steward in many ways...nurturing, encouraging and weeding of course!

  6. oh my! am sooo jealous, I have plant envy...