Wednesday, May 19, 2010

White shirt basic and as versatile a garment that ever was...and then a polyvore collapse...

I have several white all of basic, so versatile, and can wear them as a shirt or a casual layer over top of a tank or camisole.
I like to layer pearls and beads at the neck, roll up the collar and cuffs.

This shirt is from Talbots, crisp cotton with even top stitching and buttons which are placed well and do not gape.
I can wear white shirts with just about anything...

Dressy black wool trousers from Precis Petite

Wool lined skirt from Joe...
I have worn this layered over a black tank,
and with the shirt under a black cashmere V neck sweater
and simply classic as the white shirt tucked in and worn with a skinny black belt and black boots.

DKNY jeans, old, faded soft as silk...
this image looks funny! 
the pants look like they are hiked up too high...LOL
(I am short waisted!)
They actually sit lower on the hips.
I cannot part with these...they are so old and worn, 
pants of memories, 
feel good pants, 
possibly related to the pants of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!
I hope they are not too scary!

Here's another funny image...bow legs?
Giddy up!
OMG this is too silly!
I have these skinny jeans which are a great basic, slimming and they are BFF when worn with ballet flats.

Gap wide leg cuffed striped pants...
Hermes taking liberty as a belt...

I have so much respect and appreciation for those of you who can put together the Polyvore on the floor, 
the vignettes on the divan,
I am in dire need of polyvore tutorials!
I have tried but alas failed miserably...
look only if you need a chuckle

Silk lined skirt, good start.

meets vintage bakelite clamper bracelet...

sparkly top...and then it goes sideways...
how to fit it all in....
lose weight, buy smaller sizes?
 pretend...make the top look skinny, 
layer over the skirt, 
add bracelet as a belt...
burst out laughing...
give up and put the kettle on!


  1. I find the Polyvore-ing challenging as well, but I'd say you've made a good start. And it was fun, no?

  2. I think you've done quite well. For the "on the floors," I stand on a chair and try to shoot from as straight over the ensemble as I'm able.

  3. I imagine many of us are laughing hysterically as we put together stuff for our blogs:).

  4. I find polyvores very hard to use unless I am showing clothes from big stores on sale right now. Most things in my closet are not on polyvore :O(

    I love Tabi shirts too! They are in lots of malls so easy to get! They NEVER need to be ironed!

  5. hi leslie,

    i love my white shirts too. i wear them with everything! just like you. when i did my last "fashion" post i literally just threw the stuff on my bed and that was it. i spent about 10 minutes tops on it. i left out all the scarves i love to wear and purses. but oh well.

    i really love your combos and i bet you look amazing in them!


  6. I have never been able to wear a white shirt like you do. Sigh! White pants too are not for me. I like doing polyvores, on the divan. In real life I might not wear all the stuff I have pictured, I don´t want to be too dressed up. Your bed is a good place to arrange the ones you want to show. It is easier, as you don´t need to crawl on the floor ; ) !

  7. You are all wonderful! I thought that I might get really get mocked for my amateurish attempts! Thank you, but I hope that you did get a chuckle out of did I.
    I will try again, standing on a chair and see what happens.

    Janet- A friend has recently stopped capitalizing her "i's" as you have done...there must be a movement afoot...and you are clearly on the pulse of things.

    Suburban princess-I do not think we have any Tabi's here...only is quite mainstream, basics and colorful prints and the fit and quality are good for the price point.

    metscan-Maybe you feel like you need colour? I am not sure of your hair colour or if you are fair or freckled...we intuitively know what works and what we feel comfortable wearing. White pants are not so good for me...but I have a summer pair of capris for the boat.

  8. White shirts do look good--on everyone but me. I have sadly had to admit that I don't wear them well, so off they went to the donation pile. I mentioned on one of Duchesse's posts that I once found a very small Anne Fontane shirt (the Mercedes of white shirts) at a CA thrift--my sister-in-law wears white shirts VERY WELL.

  9. Frugal scholar-Good thrifting! It's fun when we stumble onto a sweet reinforces why we search the thrift shops.

  10. Janet-you are too friend mentioned something very zen about lower case meaning no ego involvement or something like that!
    i figured you would be savvy in the zen dept...

  11. Great looks! You can never go wrong with a classic white shirt.