Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend colour...not black and's food this time!

I love colourful food!
It tastes good to the eye.

Carrots, beets, garlic cloves, rosemary and a drizzle of olive oil...
ready for roasting.

Mr. HB and I planted the raised beds with veggies yesterday.
Beets, carrots, bok choi, zuccini, basil, swiss chard, corn, and yellow cherry tomatoes.
I love being able to harvest some fresh veggies from the Bungalow garden.
The smell of fresh basil, rosemary and the tomatoes are intoxicating.
My local farmstand has great produce with that just picked smell and freshness.
I go there for seasonal vegetables that I do not grow here at home.

This is my market basket full from the Farmstand visit last June.

I usually spend about $25 and have a weeks worth of assorted veggies for Mr. HB and myself.
If I am entertaining, I buy lots more.
 I go over the top with a variety of dishes that scream of colour!

There's something special that makes the food taste better when you've tended and nurtured the seeds and seedlings, and watched them grow and mature.

If you don't grow your own, try to shop the local farmstand.
The farmers need our support.
My favourite local market has a line up of at least 20 people waiting for them to open up at 11 am...if you don't get there early you may not get what you want...and there is nothing more disappointing than eyeing up the patty pans or the sweet cherry tomatoes from back in the line and when it's your turn they're sold out.
Friendly banter and chatter among the waiting customers is common...
we bring our own baskets, boxes and bags...
it is encouraged to eye up each others baskets and bags...
we are practising the 3 R's
(Reduce Reuse Recycle)
  conversation develops naturally, 
laughter is common,
 children usually run in and out of the line up amusing and entertaining us.
I feel part of something, a connection with the grower and the earth.
It's a good feeling and I embrace it joyfully.

My Mother's Day bouquet is still looking lovely.

My giveaway date of June 17th seems faraway...
I should have chosen a different date, I apologize for making you all wait!
If you haven't yet entered please go here


  1. Your pictures look delicious. No meat needed. Vegetables, fruit, dairy product and whole-wheat bread. Just great.

  2. I read somewhere that the brighter a food is, the better is for you! Hope that's true, I love colorful fruits and veggies!

  3. hi leslie,

    i don't know what i'd do without my farmers market. luckily we have 2 each week here in redlands. i spend about $20 a week there and another $25 at the market for pastas, tofu, beans, etc. is that about what you spend in canada?


  4. What a lovely basketful of fab. veggies - 'a mixture of colours everyday to keep the doctor away'......x

  5. I got the same flowers for Mother's Day - except mine are the pink ones and the white ones. My favorites - they make the whole house smell just wonderful!

  6. Janet- I spend more because we are not vegetarians...but I pile on the veggies because I eat small portions of meat...there are many meatless meals here and we love seafood too.
    Lillian- They do last a long time! And the scent is very sweet....I've never grown them in the garden but I am sure the bees would love them too.