Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's in the black box? and it's time for a change.

Piaget, watches and jewelry...since 1874.
A watch brand of quality...they are still creating masterpieces...see them here.

It's a simple black leather box...

made in Switzerland the home of watchmakers for centuries
I do not own a Piaget, or a Cartier, or even a Rolex.
My timepiece is a humble one
and I do not wear a watch often.
I have an armful of sterling bangles jangling and dangling from my left wrist.

When I need to keep tabs on time I wear this,

A large dial which I can read without glasses!
The band is brown leather it is a Swiss made ESQ
If memory serves, it is a man's watch, and I bought it for a modest price.

I wear a vintage gold chain link bracelet or my gold bracelet with diamond hearts when I wear this for dressy occasions or if it's casual the watch is solo.

What do I keep in the box? assortment of earrings...
my daughter made me some of these.

Others were made by friends,
 a few are as old as the hills!
My classic pearl studs were a gift from my dear mother...
they were worn non-stop until my first diamond studs made their appearance in 1984.

Some get more play than others, I have my favourites.
I just remembered that my heavy gold hoops are in a safety deposit box...

I tend to wear my diamonds every day....2 paris of studs.
Or a pair of studs and the channel set diamond U- shaped hoops.
I am wearing these now.

This weekend I plan to get into my new book...

It sounds like fun...I've read a few chapters already.

There's a wind of change blowing in here at the Bungalow and I can feel it.

I am drinking lots of water with fresh lemons as I am upping my hydration....
I am soon to start a walking regime.
I have been inspired by Janet
 (who BTW has radiant skin!)

Enjoy your Weekend.


  1. Go Hostess! And BTW, your ESQ looks just like my Rolex Cellini so I think that makes you the smart one:).

  2. You are so energetic Hostess, I simply can´t compare my doings with yours. Sigh. I checked the blog you mentioned and I have also noticed, that less makeup on does look better these days.

  3. Enjoy your weekend! I love SK so thanks for reminding me she has this book out too!

  4. hi leslie,

    omg, my everyday watch is an old citizen brand watch that has a thick brown band just like yours, i'm sure it's a mans watch and i paid $2 for it. i love it! and i wear it with a mixture of bangels or pearls too! we're practically sisters!!!


    ps ~ glad you are walking, good for the inside and outside.

  5. I love to see what others collect as jewelry! Love your earring box!

    Art by Karena

  6. I like your man's watch it's great and I bet looks fab. on - a classic. Nice earring box too.... Bet you will enjoy that book - is at a new one out - have not seen it here in Oz yet. x

  7. LPC-Thank you for the support...I need a cheering section to keep me motivated!

    metscan-I do not feel all that energetic, but I keep in motion.

    Janet-I like the idea of us being sisters! I might need to get some better walking feet are sore!

    Karena-Welcome...the box has been around for a long time.

    Semi Expat-The book was published in 2001...I got it at the second hand bookstore that I patronize in the village.