Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling a wee bit persnickety....

Oh my!
 June in the Library can be so taxing....

I am trying so hard not to be the cranky pants librarian...
the students are studying for finals,
catching up and finishing off their research papers
have deadlines to meet and are stressed out
AND have lost all respect for the space.

I have had to become a disciplinarian
and I so dislike this part of me.
Where is a magic wand when I need it?
I believe students should self regulate their behaviours with a minimum of guidance and support.

I've got a bag full of tricks,
and I might need to pull some of them out...
 they are not MAGIC,
they're TREATS!

I am an optomist, not a pessimist...

 How can anyone have a bad day if they are wearing red shoes?

I am so glad to be walking everyday now
it puts those persnickety feelings far and away.


  1. Maybe if you think of this way - you're doing them a favor to help them to remember to respect the space:).

  2. Even if you have to be " strict" once in a while, I don´t think anyone can ever stay angry at you, since you are "the hostess", kind and friendly. And certainly not after you open your magic bag :)

  3. hi leslie,

    it does seem as if the new generation has lost respect for many of the things that we held in such esteem, like libraries. so you get them in line. if you don't, who will? i have perfect faith in you. as metscan says, "you are the hostess."

    loving those red ballerina flats too.


  4. Your red shoes will solve everything don't worry Hostess and remember the Summer holidays won't be far away now!

  5. I agree Hostess...I have been eyeing a pair of red ballet flats for the same reason. You can't help but smile when you look down at them.
    Now..if I could just find the perfect shade or red lipstick....any ideas??

    J :)

  6. Jeanne- I have yet to find the perfect red lipstick...I had good luck at the Chanel counter when I purchased my latest can test drive all the colours!

  7. I read recently (ans since you are a librarian, it was the Globe and Mail of June 2) that stress and worry peak at age 20! SO you are dealing with very intense young adults. The article also says it goes down markedly at 50 and continues to decrease consistently through elder years.

  8. Oh, I love to learn a new word! "Persnickery" is wonderful! In Edinburgh now, I met a lot of students - but they are well-behaved, maybe because the sun came out. Thank you for your beautiful blog! Britta