Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Weekend...celebrate and be celebrated.

My mother is a gem.
She is a gracious woman who has taught me well.
I have learned from what she has shared and what I have observed.
Her life has not been without it's challenges and she has risen above and claimed a life of her own.
She has always managed to look her best, even when ill.
She passed on to me her love of gardening, her joy of music and her passion for fashion!
I am forever in her debt.
She will always have a special place in my heart and I will love and honour her for eternity.

 It's Mother's Day this weekend...
my wish is for all the Moms out there to celebrate and be celebrated for all the wonderful and unselfish deeds that they do and have done through the years.

I am taking my mom out to the theatre to see a live production, flowers and a card are a given.
  I will be arranging a date for tea at a private club with a waterview sometime next week when it is not so is getting hard of hearing so I like to go when it's quieter.

Happy Mother's Day
and thanks MOM!


  1. what a beautiful tribute to your mother. she sounds lovely.


  2. Have a great mothers day!
    I am quickly visiting my mom and MIL with my little man tomorrow morning. I have reserved Sunday for me and only me!

  3. Finally got 'round to your meme and have posted my 6th blog image.
    Enjoy Mother's Day and your new toes!

  4. I have been very busy of late and the blog has suffered because of this...thank you for the Mother's Day wishes!