Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black and white, pure and simple.

I have been loving the colour black lately.
I am in a black phase...I have recently painted all my wicker  porch furniture black...
I love white too...crisp white shirts, pearls, and white tees...
Chanel camellia

I have purchased all white Egyptian cotton sheets to replace the threadbare set I have had for over 5 years...these new ones are super wrinkled when they come out of the dryer...they have a high thread count and soft sateen finish ( I briefly wondered if I should iron them!)...they feel silky, soft and to lay longer in my bed now!

I found a wicker table free for the taking on the boulevard last was in need to some TLC...I promptly painted it black!
My BFF has been on a cream kick, she's painted all her wicker porch furniture cream.
I am hoping that she will allow me to come over and take some photos of her divine porch and post them here.
She came over the other day and gave me this...

A vintage wire birdcage!
She has a larger one that looks more like a house and she painted hers cream and put an ivy in it.

I will be painting it black, and 
I aready have an ivy!

I have wrapped the giftaway parcel...just waiting until the June 17th draw date to find out who will be receiving it.

This quote is one of many from the book that I borrowed from the Library.
...the book is a glimpse into the life of a famous Coco Chanel...she apparently had the very first tube of lipstick designed for her personal use. She needed it when she was driving in her car... mindful that her red lips might need touching up! It is chock full of interesting facts and beautiful images.

My friend Janet over at the Gardeners' Cottage loves black and white and I have been reading her blog for months now and I think she's onto something very Zen and elegant.

I really do not run a B&B just have friends who like to stay...
I do leave the "Welcome" mat out all the time...that's the kind of Hostess I am.
 I mentioned in a very early post that we had to replace our mat once as the "Welcome" was worn out!
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  1. You really have been a busy bee! I really admire your achievements! Black is a fine color for the wicker furniture. I hope to see the whole ensemble when it is ready. Do you use an electric mangle in your part of the world? It would do wonders for your sheets. I used to have one; had just about everything going through it. But when we moved to this house, there was no place for it. I had to sell it. And now I iron. Sigh. You have wrapped the giftaway beautifully. Btw, you would make a perfect B&B hostess!

  2. hi leslie,

    love all the painting and rescuing going on at the bungalow.

    i love coco and the way she promoted and elevated b & w. i think in honor of this post today, i will wear multiple stands of pearls while gardening today. nothing heavy today, just picking and plucking so i will be comfortable.

    thank you for the compliment. it means so much to me.

    have a beautiful day.


  3. Did you see "Coco Avant Chanel"? In it, she chooses black for her evening dress (when the merchant is urging her to buy pink) and says "Nothing brings out the eyes like black". Anyway, love black too and that is so great, to find a wicker table!

  4. Adore the black wicker furniture - it looks wonderful .... love black and white so classic too.. x

  5. Metscan- I have heard of mangles..but my bungalow is too small for one! So I may decide to iron the sheets if they bother me crinkly!
    Janet- I can hardly believe you saying that about wearing pearls to garden...I have done so myself on occasion! The compliment is heartfelt.
    Duchesse-I did see the film, and that is what has peeked my interest in learning more...she was truly ahead of her time and such a creative and dynamic businesswoman.

  6. Hi Leslie,
    I'm almost finished painting my wicker and I'd be honoured to have you come for tea on the verandah with my newly painted cream wicker furniture. You've been so inspiring to me and can't wait for you to see it!

  7. Hi Hostess
    I love black and white too.

    The wicker furniture is beautiful.

    Can't wait to see the finished bird cage.

    SSG xxx

  8. Semi Expat-I am attracted to wicker like a moth to a flame!
    Tigara- I am happy to be invited for tea and may I bring my camera?
    SSG-The cage will be ready needs a second coat of paint!