Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hostess took her toes to a school instead of a spa....what's that all about?

My houseguest Mrs. M and I went to have our toes done at the School where the Aveda estheticians learn their craft. 
I mentioned that I would report and report is what I am about to do.

I usually go to a large hotel with a spa in town where I am pampered and treated like a Royal!
I must confess I like this treatment! 
The plush terry robes, the mineral pool, sauna and steam rooms, the zen-like atmosphere, fizzy water, herbal teas and bento boxed spa lunches, candle lit rooms with silky sheets and cuddly heated blankets and beds.
Infused with the soft sounds of the rainforest the treatment rooms that are an oasis.

A girl could get used to this and if time and money were no object...I might dabble on a bi-weekly or at least a monthly basis...
(but that is not reality for the Hostess)
Did I mention that the staff are exceptional and service many a world weary traveller, the standards are above and beyond.

I am wearing OPI I am Really Not Just a Waitress and my shy toes are sporting some bling...for the camera.

The experience was less than thrilling for me, and I do not consider myself a snob.
The mainfloor storefront was immaculate and the Aveda displays were artfully arranged, there was water, tea and a variety of current magazines in the waiting room and a large and welcoming staff on hand.
We were called by name and herded upstairs through a warren of rooms to a cubicle which had curtains dividing and defining the treatment area.
The treatment area was dusty and the linens were obviously old and had been laundered so often they were off white.

The esthetician was delightful, professional and skilled.
She was neat and tidy and cute as a button.
She did all she could to make my time there a wonderful experience.
She has a job waiting her when she graduates next month.

I couldn't help but compare this pedicure with the grand spa experience...unfair I suppose, but at 1/3 of the cost of what I usually spend I would have to say it was OK.
It was a no frills pedicure...I am wondering how it will last comparing it to my usual...which lasts 4-5 weeks.

I am not looking for OK when spa-ing....I'm looking for over the top.
I don't do it often so I am willing to pay more.
I guess it just proves that you get what you pay for!

I am in need of a facial...and hope that I can convince my "Spa Buddy BFF" to arrange a date so we can indulge.

Closing now...getting the Bungalow back in order as our guests have departed, laundry is in the washer and dryer, spaghetti is simmering, Mr. HB is watching the News, he's poured me a G and T...I plan to go to bed early tonight.
Sweet dreams and Hugs from the Hostess!


  1. hi leslie,

    i guess we do get what we pay for. i find it so fascinating that you noticed those tiny details. the owners of my spa should read this! i'm always telling them that it's the little things that make the biggest difference.


  2. Janet- Metscan commented on the fact that I see the small things!
    I am not sure why I see details, I the garden, I see weeds and beauty, and life happens in the details...let you spa owners read my post it's fine with me...I haven't posted your package yet...soon!

  3. Hi Hostess, so nice to have you back for ourselves again; )! And yes, you are the busy Mrs. Marple, who sees all the little things! I used to have a pedicure monthly in not at all lux surroundings, but it was near, and the lady was good at her work. I loved the treat. Then I suddenly lost my interest, started to do the job myself, in order to `save´money, and have done it ever since. I would not be able to have someone touch my face, but I have my dentist on Monday, I love it ?!! I would also like to have professional massage again, have not had it for a couple of years now. I think that you are permitted for your G&T now !

  4. Metscan-I would do my own pedicure if I could achieve the same results but it's a combination of hand eye co-ordination and flexibility!
    I have complete trust in Shelley at the luxe Hotel Spa...I would not go to the school with my sensitive skin for a facial...I love the way my skin looks and feels after she works her magic!
    If you found someone who you could trust you might appreciate the pampering of a massage or treat yourself!

  5. Hostess: My mind and body gets a treat every day, when I get my planned chores done. A massage every now and then would be great, but then I could get hooked on it. A cheap way to pamper myself, is to take a nap in the afternoon, if I feel extremely tired. A warm shower is a treat for me as well.