Sunday, May 30, 2010

Children and babies....a family they make.

My darling children
born 21 months apart and all grown up now.
It's been over 30 years since I was expecting lovely daughter.
I can remember how I felt during my pregnancies.
Happy and content.
I remember feeling tired at times and napping during the day, 
something I cannot do now unless I am ill.
I was young and in good health.

I am so grateful that we were blessed with healthy babies early in our marriage.
I needed lots of energy to maintain the home and be a mom.
I look back fondly at our days of play.

We were very fortunate that I could be a full time stay at home mom.
We made difficult decisions and did without in order to facilitate this lifestyle choice.

I walked with the buggy everywhere...we had one car and Mr. HB used it for work.
I had to buy a second set of tires for that buggy as I wore the first ones down to the rims!

We lived very simply, partly out of necessity, but mostly because of the children.
I was devoted to them 100%
They were my world, my work, my pride and joy.

It seems like yesterday...
many yesterdays have come and gone.

Today as I sit here and write I can only wonder at the feelings that a grandchild will evoke.
I am certain that my emotions will well up and spill over.

The grandbaby could be born anytime now...the "official date" is June 9th.
Every time the phone rings I wonder if it will be my son telling me that the labour has started.

Grammy's ready and waiting.


  1. Oh your kids were so cute!

  2. How beautifully you wrote your post! I too stayed at home taking care of my daughters. I just could not leave them in the care of anyone else. And I don´t regret my decision to stay home at all. It has been the best time of my life. You will make a wonderful grammy, no doubt about it!!! The golden slippers are lovely! I am so sharing your exciting times! /m xo

  3. I remember those bronzed shoes! Do they still do that?

    Best wishes on the arrival of your first grandchild. I KNOW you'll be a wonderful grandmother.

  4. Very exciting times ahead. How sweet your children were too... I loved and adored every minute of being at home with my daughter - the best years of my life. x

  5. What a sweet post..! And what a beautiful time ahead for you - congratulations on the soon-to-arrive grandbaby, dear.


  6. Your children are adorable!!
    I am looking forward to seeing pics of your grandchild!

  7. Wonderful post...I am getting anxious with you!!
    My heart skipped a beat on this one...


  8. LPC- Thanks I think so too!

    Rebecca- I don't know if they still bronze shoes but it was something that my family all did with their babies first shoes.

    Thank you all...