Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dinners on the back burner in the Bungalow....the Hostess has her nose in a book...

I am reading this delightful book, a sequel to Chocolat, 
the story revolves around making chocolates, and I am salivating!
Mouth watering, totally suggestive, it had me running off to the store to appease my cravings!

...and for later

Italian bubbly

I was planning on my leftover easy peasy pot roast, smashed potatoes, and peas as a shepherds pie...
Simple fare so I can indulge in reading...I am hooked on this book!

One of our resident Flickers
they love the suet and hang upside down on the feeder... 
(the wee house to the top right)
The Downy Woodpecker frequents the same suet feeder but I have not captured that on film yet.

We have resident Anna's hummingbirds and now the transient Rufous ones have flown north so we are entertained by the territorial postulations at the feeder!
This hangs beside our family room window which is very close to the kitchen.

I have a yard full of birds...and am always serenaded by birdsong...
robins, house sparrows, bush tits, kinglets, wrens, chickadees, thrushes, crows, towhees.
The Coopers Hawk comes by for a meal every once in awhile and he is very large.
The Smaller Merlins fly in swiftly and 
 catch an unsuspecting bird for dinner.

I am off back to the cobblestone streets of Montmartre to check in on what is happening to Vianne and Anouk.

I am hoping to finish this before our guests arrive!

Late News Flash...

son called...
he wants to come over and watch the Hockey game
 and hopes that we can chill and order in
Daughter, her man and lovely DIL....
all's good.
  even better than great is that?
My family wants to come and spend time with us tonight...any plans I had have flown, my family are IT!
My planned dinner is in the freezer ready for another day.
I can read anytime....
I cherish our times together.
DIL looks amazing...
I feel so grateful!
FYI it's 5 weeks until Baby is due!


  1. What an idyllic day!

    Be strong and keep reading.

    Takeaway is there to be ordered.

    SSG xxx

  2. I hope you had a wonderful evening and are still enjoying your book....There is nothing better than a good book, a night at home and family. xv

  3. Fantastic day.... isn't nice when you can change plans - must get that book too thanks for recommending! x

  4. I have never seen those birds, with the long beaks. I have totally lost the anxiety of a child; I don´t s e e small things. This is sad. I appreciate those who have this ability. Of the bloggers I follow, You, Mater and Charlotte, amongst many others see the small wonders, life offers.

  5. We must know what those chocolate bars are!
    Can we get some info pweeeese :O) I love the packaging!

  6. Oh, hope you had a wonderful evening! And a book about chocolate? Uh, count me in!

  7. metscan-I never thought of noticing small things...I guess I focus on details, and I know that you do as well...interior design and clothing are where you see the small things...quality and craftsmanship.
    Suburban Princess-
    Here is the address to the chocolate company great taste and good for you!
    I buy mine in a health food store...maybe that should be part of my next giveaway!
    The book is great...thank you all!

  8. I hope you had a lovely family Saturday dinner and game:).

  9. What a lovely day! We have robins, cardinals, blue jays and dives in our garden (probably more but that's what I recognize). Haven't seen any hummingbirds yet; hopefully when the bee balm blooms.