Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Showers....

Today is a very much anticipated day of joy for Grammy!

There will be a gathering of friends and family 

I am bringing cheese and crackers

There will be frosted cupcakes and tea

Time approximately 5 weeks
not long now!

Shopping has been done, presents are wrapped and ready to go!
The knitted blanket has been completed.

A bundle of joy will be coming into our lives
I think it will forever change me
and enrich life here in the Humble Bungalow.

Grammy's Pedigree Pram has been polished and a new mattress and blankets are ready, waiting.

Our guests arrive this afternoon so I may be absent for awhile and will pop in to visit when time allows.
Hugs from the Hostess.


  1. Is this the shower day? Have a great time!

  2. Lucky you!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and I am sure I speak for the rest of us in that we all look forward to the news!!


  3. You have arranged everything ready in such a lovely way. I wish you a gorgeous time!

  4. Hi Leslie,

    All my best in this beautiful time of your life. All I can say is prepare to fall in love like never before!


  5. This will be such a welcomed babe! We are waiting along with you.

  6. Have a wonderful time. There is nothing like grandchildren!!

  7. How wonderful, and exciting it must feel, to be waiting for your first grandchild!

    Best Wishes,

  8. Lovely! I myself can't Wait to be a grandmother!