Friday, May 21, 2010

Hermes scarves a luxe treat...and bittersweet.

I have been drawn to Hermes scarves like a moth to a flame...
I think it hearkens back to when my aunt was alive.
She donned only the finest in clothing, jewels and scarves.

I need to give you a bit of background here.

She was born into a wealthy family who were privileged and established...Old Money.
After her formal education she was sent to a finishing school abroad.
 She later returned and married my uncle, an officer in the Canadian navy.
 (I was the flower girl) 
High mass in an Anglican church and a catered garden their home.
I vividly remember that I very nearly fell into the pond trying to pat the ducks!
 (I was all of 5 years old)
My uncle retired from the forces and went back to college getting a teaching degree so he could spend more time at home with his growing family.
She kept most of her her money in the bank and lived humbly on his salary.

It interests me that my uncle managed to save money every year in order to give her expensive jewelry  at Christmas.
 She only bought the very best of clothes and scarves were worn tucked into the neck of her fur jackets.
She was very quiet, polite and proper.
Never over did things, showed restraint and class.
Unfortunately she developed lung cancer and died much too young.
When she passed away my uncle called me up and suggested I come over and look through her collection of scarves and choose one or two.
I felt too emotional to even consider the possiblity and I do regret that I was not brave enough to do this.
 I suppose my love of scarves runs very deep.

Hermes and the signature orange colour.

My first Hermes...

It happened in SanFrancisco!

I'll never forget...
my aunt.


  1. What a nice way to remember her :O) I love scarves too :O)

  2. Beautiful story and a beautiful scarf. I treasure those things that make me feel connected to people I've loved.

  3. OOH - I love that scarf and have been thinking of searching for one for myself! Maybe I'll buy one and think of it as my Hostess scarf.

    In my case, my late grandfather had wonderful taste. His parents, farm kids, worked as a housekeeper and chauffeur for a Pennsylvania steel executive during the Depression and when the man died his family let the staff buy furniture and some nicer things. Grandparents had the mahogany furniture when I was a little kid, and growing up around the wealthy gave Grandpa great taste - he always bought quality gifts. On the other hand, his mother and wife (my Grandmother) were both the "save it for a rainy day" types and died with drawers full of unused dresses and sweaters.

    I'm 40, all of my Hermes scarves are "vintage" (aka "used") but I wear them all the time - whenever I go, I will have enjoyed my nice things! And left them to my BFF, SIL and niece.

  4. Loved reading about your Aunt, Hostess... - what a wonderful story and how sweet that your Uncle saved up money from his modest salary each year to buy her expensive jewels at Christmas. Yours is a gorgeous scarf.x

  5. artful lawyer-I will be posting more of my Hermes and 2 are vintage...they are like new...and the purchase price was very attractive.
    Semi Expat-He really adored her and put her up on a pedestal...I think he must have tried very hard to give her a good life.

  6. What a beautiful and sad story about your Aunt, Hostess. That just makes the scarf that much more special xo

  7. Thank you for the background of your Hermes scarf interest. I have had two of them, but gave the shawl size to my MIL, and took the other one to a secondhand shop. The colors on it were for a `winter´and I´m a `summer´. I do like the equestrian inspired stuff Hermes have, and I long for a classic canvas+leather bag I saw in a magazine a year ago. I think that it is a classic of their´s.

  8. Lovely memoir of your aunt, a true ladyperson.

    I have been given Hermes scarves by my children for Christmas and birthdays for 20 years. The staff at Hermes always reminisce about two little boys, not as tall as the counter. When young, they could be influenced by their father or the sales person, now they are sure of their taste.

    Once or twice I discreetly exchanged a colourway. Sweet memories to me, and I enjoy wearing them, especially tied to a bag.

    I have posted "Is the carré passé?"; go to Passagee des perles and click "Scarves" on the menu at the bottom of the screen).

  9. Daily Connoisseur-It is sad, but I find immense comfort in memories.

    metscan-Equestrian Hermes would suit your lifestyle to be sure!

    Duchesse- I have read you blog in it's entirety...archives and all ever since I started officially "following you"
    You must have a rather large collection of Hermes! Great memories of your boys and their choices over the years.