Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday...a bit of everything really.

Here is the vintage birdcage from my BFF that I recently painted...
on the front porch with an ivy inside.

Atop my country cupboard in the unfinished laundry room.

Here it is again downstairs in my unfinished room.

I had to take Stickley the Bungalow Cat to the vet for her claw clipping and some dematting. Her arthritic joints are making it hard for her to groom herself. She hates the cat kennel carrier and lets me know by meowing at the top of her kitty cat lungs during the 10 minute car ride. When we enter the vets she must smell the other cats and dogs and she stops immediately. She is happy that the trauma is behind her and found a sunny patch on the carpet to curled up and went to sleep!
I met lovely daughter for some grocery shopping and then a sushi lunch. We thrifted for a bit and I got a large wicker basket to put my backyard veggies in when I harvest them. I  also found a vintage black leather clutch and a book on backyard makeovers all for under $10.

We stopped in at a second hand cum antique shop and I found a large black vintage tin tray for $ add to the black theme I have been chasing!

Domestics are nearly done, I am taking a tea break and blogging.
I have to get chopping as I am making a vegetable rich dish with beef shanks which will be simmered for several is bascially onions, celery, carrots sauteed until soft then brown the beef shanks in oil and add stock and simmer for 2 hours...its easy peasy and tastes great!
While the meal simmers I plan to read a bit...have been so busy gardening that I forget to sit and read...besides my muscles are a wee bit a good excuse...wouldn't you agree?


  1. I know the excitement you have, when you find something you have sought for or dreamed of, and when it is even very affordable! For years, I collected everything nice to add to our home. Well, as I have told you, I had to get rid of just about everything, when we moved to the house, we now live in. Today, it gives me even more pleasure to get rid of things than to buy new ones. When I brought home my loot from Fiskars, I threw away my old spatulas ( dish machine not recommended on the new ones ). The `creature´was an extempore buy. I have one drawer box for all the small extras, used in interior decoration, including the xmas decorations. Every now and then I add or store some pieces there. The situation in the house is ok at the moment. But as I am only human, I still have to tackle with all the stuff that has ended up in our barn. There are things that can be sold, donated or tossed away. One of these days..

  2. I am liking the progress of your unfinished room!

    Thanks for posting updates.

    Hope your cat is okay.

    SSG xxx