Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hermes scarf expose in the Bungalow...

Hermes is all in the details...
from the hand rolled edges and the neatly spaced stitching,
 to their signature twill weave,
and then the talented artist designed prints.
And of course there are the orange boxes, 
the brown embossed grossgrain ribbons 
and the gift enclosure cards!

There are tips in the giveaway books and cards on how to wear and tie these lovelies.

This was the way my mom wore her scarves in the 60's and 70's.
It suits her and the Queen...but not me!

I wore mine like this in the mid 70's with my long wavy hippie chic hair and sterling silver hoop earrings.
In fact I had mine on at our wedding rehearsal dinner at the Chinese restaurant...
we had been renovating the suite that we were moving into and time was of the essence, 
so I did not have time to coif my hair...
just shower and go.
Those were the days when a lick and a promise were all it took!
I was a bit of a flower child anyhow.

This is one way I like to tie my scarf.
I love how "French" she looks!

and another...

I will be showing some more scarves in another post...


  1. Love this post.. I have one - I did have two but have given one to 19 year old daughter who loves it and wears it with a twist and nonchalence! I haven't worn mine in a while - maybe I will seek it out this weekend! x

  2. Simply lovely! In reality, however, I don´t think, that the scarf would stay in it´s place on me. Maybe I´ll stick to my shawls and pashminas ; )

  3. Love this! Martha has a video on her site showing how to tie scarves...someone from Hermes was doing the demo :O)

  4. Hermes scarves - beautiful!

  5. Just found your blog via 'A Femme d'un certain Age' - and am glad I did! My David Austin roses have big buds (Hamburg in northern Germany is still quite wet and cold), southern Germany (where our son studies) has sun... Going to Edinburgh for the whole month of June, I'm packing my suitcases ( middle big Rimowa and a cute boardcase-suitcase from Longchamp Pliage) and will pack a lot of scarves, gloves etc - changes the look of the LBD completely and doesn't take up much space). I'll follow your blog with interest! Britta

  6. I find the silk carré simply too much in warm weather except tied on a bag. The Pointu, a smaller triangle, or the Pochette, tucked in a jacket pocket, or the fine cotton square are what I wear once the temperatures get above 25C. So I always look forward to Sept when I can wear the carrés around my neck again. Some women wear the Twilly in the summer but they are too small and girlish on me.

  7. thank you! i have several hermes scarves and never
    wear them as wonderfully as i could. now i can!

  8. Semi Expat-You should show it on your blog!

    Suburban princess- I checked out the Martha episode...thanks!

    Mestscan-I reposition mine from time to time...I love shawls for evening.

    Britta- Welcome and enjoy your holiday!

    Duchesse- I agree that somedays it's too hot for a scarf, especially in the heat of summer.

    myletterstoemily-Welcome and I am happy that you will show off the Hermes.

  9. Hi Leslie, I never really wear my regular size scarves; but the vintage size, get plenty of use, save for summer.

    In the summer, when I don't want my hair blowing around, on a boat, or in a convertible, I prefer a 'plisse' I wear it wrapped, 'movie star' style, (lol, in my dreams) and I don't look like an old peasant woman. The mousseline losange scarves work well too, in the 'movie star' wrap.

    I love your roses, in fact, I love all of your flowers!


  10. Love the scarf post! I need to dig out old scarves and give them a new life. Will definitely look for some in the resale shops.