Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunny daze, a diversion and...domestics.

I am on my 4th load of laundry and my second cup of coffee and have to get the house ready for our guests. Our friends are going to be in town and staying here for 5 days as Mr. M is on course and Mrs. M is accompanying him. She will be visiting friends, shopping and joining me on a trip to the spa for a pedicure so we will be toe worthy when we lunch and dine around the town.

It's a lovely sunny day out there in the Bungalow Garden! I felt compelled to go out and capture some of the cheerfullness that awaits discovery. (I did need a diversion)
I love these yellow blooms!


Yellow David Austin rose whose name escapes me at the moment!

Montana reubens clematis
the most prolific and vigorous clematis that I know.

California poppy

Solomon's Seal

Smilicena racemosa a fruity fragrant shade tolerant perennial

love the leaf formation

Dwarf iris, imported from San Francisco, via a superior plantswoman, a former teacher who travelled extensively to acquire the new and exotic!

Euphorbia, new to the garden, I love the varigated foliage
White shower curtain

White towels, a Bungalow staple.

Why does soap crack... anyone know?
I guess I'll be swapping this out for a fresh self respecting hostess wants her guests to see this!

A scented candle a birthday gift from a dear friend...who is currently in the South of France.
For friends near and far I wish you all a fabulous weekend!
Hugs from the Hostess.


  1. Hostess, the Bungalow looks lovely, and ready for guests.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend with your guests!

  3. Hi Leslie,

    When they leave can I come over? Everything looks so beautiful.


    ps ~ Did you know that the candle your friend gave you is the Earth Month candle from Aveda. 100% of the proceeds go to the Surf Rider Foundation. What a great gift! I have one burning in my living room as I write this.

  4. You have the most beautiful flowers in your garden! I'm just reading about David Austin roses, and I hope you post more photos of yours.


  5. Dear Leslie,
    Love the Euphorbia!!!....I just planted the same one in the planter by my front door with some ornamental grass....and marjoram - it looks great!!!Hugs....BFF

  6. You have s o many flowers, wow! Are your friends staying at the bungalow for 5 days? It is a long time.. I raise my hat for you!

  7. LPC and Suburban Princess-Thank you!
    janet-I knew the profits went to a good cause! Trust Aveda to give back, another reason to buy the products. You can come here if I can go there!
    Duchess- David Austin does do great roses...Abraham Darby and Jude the Obscure are my favourites.
    Tigara-I need to see your planter! Maybe you can post a picture on your blog?
    metscan-Yes 5 days, they are good friends...we will not be together 24/7...I will be at work a couple of the days and we have fun things planned! Pedicures, Thai food out, a garden tour, walks, and the rest a surprise.