Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waterfront walking the Hostess's route...

It was an early walk the morning that I snapped these images...
I struggled getting up the nerve as it was raining cats and dogs.

By the time I had negotiated the first few blocks there was a clearing in the weather and things improved immensely.

Good morning Sunshine!

I should have worn my sunglasses
it was really bright after the sun peeked through the clouds.

I was alone on the seafront
the only sounds were of gulls as they dipped and dove.

I wore my hair up in a messy up do to camouflage the fact that I hadn't styled it at all.
I wore my old grey LuLu Yoga pants
yoga top and down jacket.

Not one speck of glamour could be seen in this ensemble.
I wasn't looking for glamour
 walking and hoping for some health benefits.

The ocean calm with just a hint of a ripple on the rocky shore.
A feast for the eyes...
soaking in beauty is calorie free!

Kelp looking very much like a twisted mass of noodles.

A spot of pink
wild rose
damp with raindrops.

Hope that your are having a great start to your week.

Try and keep hydrated
and if you are on this journey to wellness with me
I hope that you are feeling positive about your regime.


  1. What amazing images and how wonderful that your morning walk passes such beauty.

  2. Good for you!
    Going for a walk first thing in the morning needs will power. And you have it.
    Great pictures, thank you!

  3. Gorgeous...I love where you live and realize from this post how much I miss living within walking distance of the ocean/bay.
    Good for you for powering through the wet weather.xo, A

  4. You are so fortunate, being able to walk in such a beautiful place- I am truly envious! And thing of how that misty air is benefiting your skin, too. You've motivated me to get outside today!

  5. I have my Lululemon pants on just now, they are so old and really bobbly, I wish we had them over here, they beat Nike hands down.

  6. What a glorious place to walk and I imagine there are always new things to see. As far as you walking ensemble...you should see mine! It is definately a fashion statement, but not a good one.(-:

  7. what beautiful photos leslie and such a beautiful walk you have. i don't think there is anything more glamorous than a woman taking care of herself. i bet you cheeks were rosy!


  8. You have a beautiful area to walk in. I love to walk outdoors, but the weather this year made it impossible. I envy you your lovely walk! I have to do all my exercise at the health club.

  9. I got some health benefits by just looking at your photos, It's 7 am here and I feel like I've had a real boost. Your blood pressure must be nice and low with all that beauty and fresh air around. Its all snakes, dust from harvest and getting some heat around here, so I just plod away in the garden, which has helped my balance issues immensely. Your walk is my perfect idea of exercise, I can't stand sand but yours looks pebbly, how fab, I could really cope with that.

  10. Your shoreline is stunning, is that dark sand, or rock? The shore is so magical no matter what part of the globe it's on. My husband and I take our walks by the water and I think it's as good for the soul as it is for the body.

  11. Gosh, I miss the austere beauty of a Pacific northwest Fall/Winter. Beautiful shots.

  12. Beautiful photos. They remind me of Mater's.

    I am glad you're enjoying walking so much.

  13. Beautiful greys. What heaven! No wonder you communicate with such tranquility.

  14. Bourbon and Pearls- I'll email you about Lululemon.

    Sue - This beach is rocky, I'll plan a walk on a sandy shore to show you another area. Thanks for the idea!

  15. So very beautiful. And I'm now walking a lot, and it's making a difference.

  16. LPC- Change is afoot and I cannot believe how it has a domino effect.

  17. Wow! What a vibrant place to call home :)

  18. That's one of my favourite walks too! I have loved that twisted cedar stump for many many years.

  19. A lovely place to walk - I love all the photos especially the first two! So calm....


  20. I think you are becoming a very good influence on me. I wish I could join you on your wonderful walks. Keep it up and we can compare notes, as I need to start walking also. Your eye for the beauty in nature is lovely!

  21. What beautiful photos...you really captured the serenity! I'm wearing my Lululemon head to toe right now and about to head out for a walk...taking care of ourselves is the best thing we can do! And you've just reminded me to drink another glass of water and click on the glass at Daily plate!


  22. Dear Hostess,
    you have chosen a beautiful walk - that will support on days one doesn't feel that inclined to go out - but looking at such a beautiful (and changing) scenery will! The best to you Britta

  23. What a beautiful city we inhabit! I know that walk well - and love it!