Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I wore some fish net stockings...a term more commonly used circa 1967

Fish nets, window panes, mesh nets...
we wore them in the mid 60's and boy did we think we were the bee's knees.
(do bees even have knees? they are so full of pollen one does wonder)
Well they're BACK...
but are they meant only for the young?

I think quite possibly I am too old to get away with wearing them nowadays
but age has rarely factored into my decisions before...perhaps I am on the cusp of tarty.

I'd rather be slightly tarty than totally frumpy.

I've chosen my old leather boots from several seasons ago to pair with these...
not so much mesh is visible...

My skirt is just a tinge below the knee.
Black ponte knit
forgiving when stretching and bending
and the knit keeps it's shape so there are no pouchy baggy bits like those knits of olde.

(do you remember crimpolene?)

Where are the fashion police and what would they say?

I am taking a stand on my right to wear fish nets.

A splash of colour
not so rebellious 
just because.

my favourite colour is

What are you wearing that might be pushing the fashion envelope?

Do you yearn to be younger and express it in your fashion choices?

What would you definitely not be caught dead in?
(fish nets perhaps?)


  1. You rock Hostess! I love the fishnet tights! I have two cobalt blue clip-in hair extension pieces that I sometimes wear when feeling brave...I wear them so that the blue is just peeking through my normal hair. It's fun! :)

  2. LOVE those stockings! I think you should wear them every chance you get. I don't wear tights, leggings or stockings unless necessary. But this post may get me to change my ways.

    I recently wore my ripped up Joe's jeans out to Costco and got lots of funny looks - I think it may be time to retire them. But I still like them. It's hard to say farewell!

    I would never pierce anything on my face or get another tattoo - yes, I have one and it's hidden and I regret it (an impulsive move twenty years ago). I stay away from permanent fashion choices now :) xoxo

  3. Ooh, those are nifty! I have some tights on deck to show off next week that some might consider not age appropriate, but I LUFF them!

  4. And I love what a friend of mine used to say whenever the Fashion Police would fire up, "who says?" Who says we're past wearing windowpane tights, skirts above the knee, motorcycle boots, a skull pendant? Whoever they are, we don't have to listen.

  5. I like these and they offer a break from the usual leggings. I really don't think that they are "age-related". Very chic!

  6. LR- I think I have seen a similar hair effect and feathers are usually involved!

    Adrienne- I actually have wanted to pierce my nose an wear a very small diamond there...Mr. HB is not a fan...I am deathly afraid of tattoos because I dislike PAIN! I say wear those ripped jeans and show that spirited rocker bike chick thing!!

    deja pseu- If we are too cautious we might just get boring :)

    La Vie Quotidienne- Fun can never be over rated and no "rules" were broken ")

  7. Even I agree, that done right, patterned stockings are great on women of a certain age. And to me it looks like you're doing this right. Show just enough of the tights for interest, offset with color and black.

  8. I think you are rocking those patterned stockings! Not tarty at all! Go Hostess!

  9. Not a whiff of tarty in those stockings. I tend to the ordinary, tried and true and the very safe for work, but take things up a notch after hours.

  10. I think they look pretty glamorous on you! I have a hideous (but cuddlesome) cardigan that I would rescue in a house fire, but if I forget I'm wearing it when I answer the door the raised eyebrows soon remind me.

  11. Love the tights. I wouldn't call them fishnets, I would call them patterned, and this has inspired me to look for a pair. Very chic. Love the green scarf too, and you managed to do the wrap and knot just right!

  12. Glad you didn't get the nose piercing though.

  13. i say PUSH that envelope leslie. we're getting older but we are not dead yet. who cares really? i think they look absolutely fabulous on you and i'd wear them in a heartbeat.

  14. When I see a woman in l'age sporting some boots with a little pizazz, and a nice bit of hose I think the same as your gardener friend, good on her, she hasn't thrown in the towel. The fact that you're toning it down with black totally removes you from the tarty side of the fence. It is the female equivalent of the gent with the tie, shirt, pocket square pattern mixing that is all wrapped up in a traditional tweed or solemnly grey suit.

  15. Hostess, Oh the 60's do you remember the hotpants & the white knee length Mary Quant boots? I had the pink suede ones! was this just Brit fashion?

    I like the pattern of your black tights have seen all ages wearing similiar...wear what makes you happy,they look fine on you. The green of your scarf brightens up these dark,dreary days. Ida

  16. As the others have said, your tights are a winner -- no tartiness here! The boots look great, too.

  17. I think you've chosen exactly the right way to wear tights that are a little outside your comfort zone! Many women are put off by bright or patterned tights because they see their entire leg in it, but really, with boots and a knee-length skirt, you can easily do any fun tight you wish!

    I like fishnet tights, although black ones (the "traditional" style) I think are best for dressed-up occasions rather than everyday, as they can look overtly sexy. I am a huge fan of nude/beige microfishnets, which are a tiny fishnet pattern on a regular nylon background. My preferred brand is Hue (the Bay carries them). They aren't cheap ($18, I think), but they have control top and I usually get about 20 wears out of them. I am wearing them today, so I'll take a picture of the texture for you and post it tonight. :)

    Hope you are enjoying this brisk fall day!


  18. I salute you!
    I only wear opaque black/ nearly black tights these days. But that´s just me.
    I would not wish to die in dirty, worn out clothes ; ), therefore I get rid of such asap; )

  19. Well styled! I like to play with coloured and textured tights (and faux fishnets among them), but usually keep the rest of my gear that day restrained, as you seem to have. Can't quite imagine that you could ever be accused of tartiness!

  20. Dear HHB,

    Lt. Blk. Slashacrosstheeyes of aforementioned dreaded Fashion Police, (5th Precinct), here. First off, Sec. 7b(i) of the Code of Age Appropriate Attire ("AAA"), clearly [and firmly] states ". . . any fishnet, windowpane or thick & thin style/type ladies stocking is and will be allowable under any one or a combination of, the following circumstance(s):
    a) the alleged offender experienced her teens during the late 60's or early 70's;
    b) her mother/father/older sister/the nun(s) did not allow alleged offender to own a pair in aforementioned 60’s or 70’s because People Might Get The Wrong Idea, or alternatively, her older sister was a First Class Expletive;
    c) if said stockings are worn with a knee height boot;
    d) the hem length of the alleged offender’s skirt/chemise/frock/frippery/jumper/sawitinthewindowandwouldabsolutelyjustDIEifshedidn’thaveit/sheath/dress is what's best for the alleged offender’s legs; and/or
    e) is doing the Mashed Potato, Swim, Jerk, Pony, Twist and/or any combo thereof, to Manfred Mann’s There She Was Just A Walkin’ Down the Street Singin’ ‘Do Wah Diddy Dum Diddy Do’. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pka6mDVQkY0).

    Additionally, any above combo worn whilst the tune Glad All Over (Dave Clark 5, with the bass turned up. Way up.) thumps away in the background shall also be considered an appropriate restitutional action to satisfy the Court if any fashion fractions should occur outside Polite Society’s usual and reasonable acceptable practices.”

    I think the Code is pretty clear here. By the evidence posted above, I don’t see a reason to issue a formal citation at this time but rather give you a stern recommendation (and I’m furrowing my brows whilst I write this, so you know I mean business) you bone-up on your Nancy Sinatra/Marianne Faithful and immediately(and I do mean RIGHT NOW) go get your groove on.

    So, go on then. Off on down the street with you. And turn up the bass, will ya?
    Lt. B.S.A.
    5th Precinct
    Universal Fashion Police

  21. Fishnets and black boots - oo la la! Nice scarf, too.

  22. I think your outfit is very sharp and lovely. If I wore skirts I would definitely wear those tights and proudly too!

  23. ida- I had hot pink and turquoise hot pant outfiits and wore them with white sling backs! I did have white over the knee boots and I wore them out! London Mod Fashion was big here in Canada, Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were my fashion idols...white pearlized lippy and blue Mary Quant eye shadow! A big white Carnaby Street Style floppy hat....

    The Fashion Police- I hope that you have a blog!

  24. I would wear fish net stockings if they flattered my legs. Not sure they would. I love your green scarf!

  25. I love the patterned tights or fishnet stockings and with a black skirt and black boots...with the green scarf...perfection! You look fabulous!