Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sending you roses with thanks and walking the path of my youth...

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.
I am overwhelmed by the out pouring of kindness.
I am humbled and grateful...
so I am sending these roses to all of you.

I drove to go for my walk, it sounds crazy but it's true.
I drove a few miles over to the neighbourhood where I grew up and walked a familiar route.

It's very picturesque although it was a very grey day. It was not windy or cold just calm and dullish.
Just perfect for walking and there were not that many people out and about so I had the place mostly to myself.

someone had left this little floral arrangement on the ledge

a little too much signage
or is it just me?

I spent many sunny summer days sunbathing on this beach when I was a teen.
We would bring our transistor radios
baby oil, snacks and towels and spend the afternoons 
lazying about in our bikinis.

There was a canteen that sold french fries, hot dogs, ice cream, candy and pop.
If I had some money left that I had not spent on buying new clothes
I would usually spend it here.

Walking here stirs up many memories from long ago.

This is a sight that you don't see much anymore
what with cell phones being part of our everyday life.
There used to be phone booths on many corners 
now there are only a handful of pay phones left.
I wonder if this one even works.

When I was a teenager I used to use pay phones to call my friends 
as my parents would limit my talk time to 3 minutes
we had this kitschy egg timer with a chicken on it that sat beside the telephone
and often I would turn it back over to allow more sand to flow through and hope that my parents had not noticed that I was talking longer than it took to cook an egg!

If my sister saw me she'd scream "I'm telling" and that would be the end of that!

When I get on the phone with my BFF we can still easily talk for an hour 
and we might have seen each other yesterday.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.


  1. Thank you, lovely one!

  2. Sooooo I was saying that it sounds as though you managed your walk in the calm between the storms. I often drive to my walks. It's too dangerous to walk on the road out here, and I don't always want to hike in the woods. Sometimes a girl just wants pavement underfoot, a sea shore to watch and a warm cafe at the end of the stroll!
    (blogger is really acting up, as I had to try three times before being successful in commenting on the fourth!)

  3. How wonderful that the scene of your childhood/ teenage has remained untouched. Perhaps the sign with all the rules has been set up later?
    The place I used to live, has changed completely, to the worse.

  4. These childhood scenes remind me of a modern-day Anne of Green Gables. I love the windswept look to so many of your beach photographs.

    I just read your blog post about receiving hateful comments. That has recently happened to me, and it was shocking. I deleted them, and it made me a little shy about posting again, as if someone came to my home and threw mud on my face and told me I was a fraud.

    I delete the comments and consider what the person said. And then I remember, just like you, that I do not actually know this person and that their rage has nothing to do with me.

    You have a lovely life, and I enjoy your peaceful, gentle approach to living it.

  5. It was a wild day for a walk yesterday - you must have, as Pondside said, caught the calm between the storms. I do love walking along the water, and sometimes, driving is what it takes to get there!

  6. I drive to the beach to walk often, or to mountain paths - nicer to walk in nature. And yes, had forgotten about beach days with the transistor radios and baby oil (mine mixed with coca cola and iodine for extra color.) What a great and nostalgic post.

  7. What a marvelous place to walk. My route is always the same and not nearly as pictureque. You are very fortunate to live surrounded by such beauty. Have a great weekend.

  8. How lovely to be able to drive a short distance to where you grew up. You live in such a gorgeous area. And I can tell you appreciate all the natural beauty around you.

    Thank you for the beautiful flower photos. xoxo, Adrienne

  9. Thank you for the roses. Ah you have brought back sweet memories dear friend..childhood days spent walking the cliffs,beaches..only allowed a one piece bathing suit!!

    The small seaside smuggling town just across from France....we could see the French coastline...21 miles....on a clear day,has not changed much,maybe a few more charity shops.

    BTW hb is taking our weather vane down,and I am looking at all the fallen leaves...should I rake them or just sweep the terrace...decisions!

    Beautiful sunny Remembrance day for honouring our soliders all over the UK today. Ida x