Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OOTD and flowers!

The wind was wild and the temperature cold...
under my down puffer coat I wore some warm Hue tights
(not fish nets today warmer thicker ones in charcoal.)

My walk was a blustery one and I test drove the new hood that's attached to my coat...
it kept me cozy.

A tunic top, which on my short frame is a dress length,
pearls and my "wanna be" cowboy boots.

I layered on a cashmere Burberry scarf...
to keep my neck warm.

this fringed scarf 
which has been a loyal servant for the past 3 years
has some tan pink and cream with a soft smattering of blue

I'd love one in black and white!

This image makes it hard to discern what is boot and what are tights
maybe when we get the basement reno done 
I'll install a full length mirror in the laundry room 
or inside a closet on the back of a door 
and I'll be better at snapping shots!

zippered pockets
which I'll keep zipped up for a flat line

Short arms mean longer sleeves!
I pushed these up a bit and they looked better.

Very special visitors brought me an unexpected and cheery bouquet.

I was told that they were picked out by none other than the lovely Miss Isla!
Isn't she clever?

We had a fun visit 
with tea for her mom and me
and toys and snacks
for Isla.

Snug inside listening to the howling wind outside and the furnace chugging along at full tilt.
There's supposed to be snow by the end of the week....

I am behind in my emails and blog reading so I am off to see what I have missed...
BTW the Fashion Police were on duty on my last post.

I hope that if that particular Lt. B.S.A. is still on duty that he or she pay me another visit...
if there is a blog attached to The 5th  Precinct I'd love a link to it!

Keep Warm!

“I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. 
I skip down the street and run against the wind.”
 Leo F. Buscaglia 


  1. Ooh, I love that tunic with the pearls peeking out at the neckline. Hope you stay warm in the blustery weather. Isla has wonderful taste in bouquets!

  2. Your outfit is inspiring me to wear something other than my black cords tomorrow. Maybe tights and my knit tunic - plus my warm and puffy coat. Goodness that wind is chill!

  3. i love your outfit and i love the quote by Buscaglia.what are you reading these days?efi.

  4. Great outfit, cosy and comfortable and the perfect neutral colour.
    Oh and coats with hoods are such an essential here too, mine is ancient but I live in it for months at a time in winter.

  5. I, too, like the color of your tunic. Tans/browns and black are kind of favorites of mine - so needless to say, I was impressed with your outfit.

    I want to be wildly enthusiastic again. The L.B. quote was just the push that I needed. (Think a child on a swing...I think I can "pump" on my own after this good start!)

  6. Cozy post - everything about it. Love the tunic.

  7. The Burberry scarf must look lovely with your " dress ". I just saw a gray/black one ( B ), that would be ok for you too.
    Snow?!!! Oh no!!! No warnings of snow over here yet, but these days, one can´t be sure of anything. The weather is getting chilly though..

  8. After reading this I realise that I'd better take it up a notch for work today! So much for the khaki twill pants and V-neck sweater!
    (and that's why I'll never be showing photos of my current costume!). I love your photos and am really quite inspired by them, as we seem to be much the same size. Keep it up!

  9. The tunic and pearls are perfect together.

    It will be interesting to hear what you think of The Help.

  10. I think you should keep taking photos like's your 'thing'. Like how Maximinimus took horribly fuzzy photos for ages and even with a new camera hasnt improved much....but they all scream 'Max took these!!!' :O)

  11. I loved your camel tunic when you first showed it with its quirky it even better on you with the pearls + scarf.

    Please, please no snow until December we are moving at the end of November.Ida

  12. Saw the first tiny flakes here today (Montreal)! Can it be the West Coast has the jump on Quebec? You look snuggly. My son stole my Burberry scarf!