Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shopping local and thinking ahead...

I was at the local deli stocking up on Mr. HB's marmalade when...
perusing the shelves which were heavily laden with food and wares for the upcoming festive season...
and I paused for a moment and realized that it's only a few weeks away.

I used to make homemade marmalade 
from a Martha Stewart recipe which calls for a cup of scotch in the ingredients!
I would make a batch every season...
until we just happened upon this one in the deli
Busha Browne's 
from Jamaica
now the Bungalow Gold standard.

I spied some pretty serving dishes...
and I have only platters in white so I was thinking that these would come in handy
for antipasto, dips, tapenaude, name it!

The wee spoon came with them.

a wee depression in each side 
to accommodate the spoon when at rest
I bought two.

I have started some Christmas shopping.
I purchased the Christmas cards
and several small gifts.

I like to patronize the small specialty shops as we are a small town.
 Keeping the money local helps our economy and benefits our community.

I'd love to go to a Williams Sonoma or a Pottery Barn
but that requires travel and at this time of year I prefer to stay close to home.

We do not have many on our gift list 
so stress is kept to a minimum
and I prefer it that way.

Soon I'll be baking a few fruit cakes 
a batch or two of scottish shortbread 
and my Mother's rum ball recipe.

But like the shops I am getting too far ahead...
I am a big kid at heart!

Have you started thinking about your plans for the festive season?


  1. Dear Leslie, The bowls are lovely and just the thing for the upcoming season. I have just realised that Christmas is fast approaching! I have to get my skates on as I thought it must only still be about August! Lindaxxx

  2. Linda- Hello I have missed you! How are you and the girls doing?

  3. It's still too early for me!....I'm one who enjoys cramming it all into December. A few things have been bought for mailing, but otherwise, I'm looking forward to December 1st!

  4. Hi Hostess, Do you remember an episode from Martha Stewart from years ago when she travelled to Jamacia and got into the rum? Hilarious -- it was a "good thing" :-) I love your new little bowls (and the pots holding your utensils). The bowls will go a long way over the Holidays when you are entertaining. As for Christmas, I've bought the cards that I need to get in the post PDQ or I'll miss the boat -- the rest will somehow come together! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Lovely dishes, I only have the basics in my kitchen, that's something I really need to start building up, everything looks better when it is presented properly.

  6. Cute bowls, I love the double wee ;-P
    I think your attitude towards shopping local is commendable. I've started assembling my Christmas list back in October and I'm slowly ticking giftees off the list. Various vendors (local, on-line, very few main stream shiny names, maybe Ikea for some fabric). I make several small gifts myself, just stocking fillers or small keepsakes.

  7. Is it a man thing about marmalade? mine has Frank Cooper's oxford will not stray from it!!

    I have all my Christmas present shopping done & dusted for friends.

    Your all white pottery is very stylish with an interesting pattern. Ida

  8. I like the time before Christmas, not Christmas when it is.
    I have two gifts ready. Maybe two more to go.
    Our Christmas is very simple. This year I will even skip the xmas cards.

  9. It's all creeping up on me too fast, but I am noticing that with each year this feeling is getting worse. I'm trying to go with the flow and not worry so much about how fleeting it all is. The marmalade with scotch sounds incredible!!!

  10. Love those small bowls with the "wee" depressions for the spoons. I also love to shop local when I can, for the reasons you mentioned above, and also because I often find more interesting, and unusual things.

  11. I got my stress down when I found out my inlaws are going to NS for the holidays!! Wahooooooo!

  12. Lovely little dishes, and with their own serving spoon! I'm a magpie for that kind of thing. The only planning I've done so far is for the decorations...I better get a move on!

  13. I love little dishes like that. Useful and pretty at the same time.

    I've started a few odds and ends. A package was sent to Germany a few weeks ago. A little shopping is done. Some sewing is in progress. I've collected pine cones and baked them, and planted some paper white bulbs. I like to stretch it out.

  14. i'm with you on the local shopping and avoiding the big stores. i'm hoping for a v peaceful and quiet christmas. it looks like i may get it too. ahhhh. xo janet

  15. Do you remember Robertson's, when it came in the stoneware jar? How I wish I 'd kept those jars, we thought they would make marmalade in them forever.

    As my city bursts forth with more art and craft shows than I can count. Plan to swing by a few, many are in my neighbourhood.

    I like that you are supporting local merchants.

  16. Anonymous- I'll try to get that recipe typed out one day soon.

    Miss Maple- I must have seen that episode and forgotten it. I regularly watched her programs and loved her "Good Things"

    Ida- Mr. HB remembers his Scottish grandmother's breakfasts of fresh home made bread slathered with orange marmalade...he does have particular taste!

    metscan- Christmas must be artfully decorated as I have seen so many lovely things in your home. Do you cook anything special for dinner?

    the gardener's cottage- It's like the slow food movement...I like to have slow celebrations!

    Duchesse- I do remember those crocks and why did we throw them away...they were around even before the blue box recycling program. My grandmother would have saved them for sure!

  17. Yes. We're going to decorate the hallways of my team's cubes and offices. I can't wait:).