Monday, November 14, 2011

Luxe Votives...and a new pillow

Life is ticking along here in The Humble Bungalow, nothing too outstanding just a regular rhythm.

I don't know about your taste when it comes to fragrant votives but mine run along the lines of healthy waxes and lead free wicks. Once those two things are satisfactory then I'll choose a wonderful scent.

The latest votive to make an entrance here is made by the Upper Canada Company. They are well known in these parts for their soaps and lotions.
Buying Canadian products is good for the economy=guilt free spending!

The Wild Mint Lime combination is not too sweet or too floral
it has a nice blend of citrus and I love it in my kitchen.

It looks good with the newest linen pillow
look at that crewel embroidery
I am pretty sure that the embroidery was done by a machine 
because the pillow was not that expensive.

My love affair with beeswax continues and will never wane.

The greens are spot on for colour.

Researching Votives online 
was an eye opener
 what a wide range of varieties, scents and costs!

Jo Malone, Archipelago, Votivo, and Diptyque 
are a few that I perused
 I had a wee shock when I saw some of the prices.

This Canadian candle was $20 and has a burning estimate of 65 hours.
When it's finished I'll pop the container in the freezer for a bit and it makes it easy to remove the last of the wax
then I'll repurpose the glass for another use...
at the moment I am thinking Q-Tips in the bathroom!

Do you buy luxe candles ?
What are your favourite brands and fragrances?


  1. Wild mint lime sounds right up my alley.

    I used to have a "thing" for candles, but my husband, the fireman, doesn't care for them. He puts up with me burning a few every now and then now that it's cold and dark out. I don't know the names of the candles I buy - I always make sure they are quality. I don't like the soot and off gassing of the cheap ones....yucky and very toxic.

  2. I love the sound of that candle- perfect for the kitchen... I must seek it out! xo

  3. My favorite brand for candles is Agraria, but they're pricey. I don't burn mine, they will scent a room just by sitting there. I agree with you about re-purposing the beautiful glasses the candles come in, sometimes I pick a scent based on how pretty the jar is!

  4. That's such a lovely green, and the scent sounds wonderful.

  5. I used to be a candle fanatic, but like Adrienne, Hubs doesn't really care for candles that much either...or at least the stronger scented ones. I still like my Partylite candles though, still burn them a few times throughout winter mostly and during the Christmas season.

  6. Hostess - Do tell. Are my Williams Sonoma candles OK? I too like my environment to be well, environmentally sound:).

  7. hello L
    I do love a luxe candle but the cost puts me off- Jo Malone are about $85 here!!!

    Baby not crawling but trying to-won't be long, he says HELLO xxx

  8. While I love candles, I don't buy them often anymore as I have trouble breathing if there is too much scent. I opt for really good, scentless candles whenever I can.

  9. Adrienne- I love your new tree! I am hopeless when it comes to tree shopping.

    The Daily Connoisseur- Congratulations!!!

    Sue- I am going to have to google that candle company...I like the jars as well :)

    deja pseu- I think we deserve to pour a bath and sit back and soak by warm candle can be so fraught with "stuff" we all need to relax.

    LR- Christmas and candles do go hand in work we cannot wear scent so I am starved for fragrance by the time evening comes around.

    LPC- I have been to Williams Sonoma a few times but they are not in my city...if they meet your Sturdy Girl Standards they are what I need to buy next :) You are an expert in my humble opinion.

    Faux Fuchsia- I know that's a lot of might want to buy figs or baby gear or Jean Brown clobber....we just bought a car seat for Miss Isla safety comes at a cost and I would move heaven and earth for that sweet miss...I am going to send you her picture! Baby FF is so sweet...hello back!

    Pondside- Beeswax are perfect for your home warm and just a hint of honey...

  10. Occasionally I love to indulge with L'Occitane candles especially around Christmas season. Most other times I prefer a few drops of citrus oil in the burner.

  11. At the moment I'm burning a lovely Frankincense & Myrrh candle by a Scottish company called Shearer. I don't buy the really super-trendy expensive ones because every time I looked at it I would be reminded that I'm literally burning money!

  12. What is it with husbands and candles? Mine also doesn't like them either.
    When I entertain, I do put out votives, that I use again and again, and put small beeswax candles in them. Hostess, couldn't you reuse that beautiful green glass for another candle? And the freezer for getting the wax out is a trick I didn't know - thanks.

  13. coffee addict- I have been in L'Occitane before and for some reason never noticed that they sold candles so thanks for that info...I 'll have a better look next time.

    Sulky Kitten- Those aromatic scents are perfect for winter. I wonder if Shearer are available online, there's another one to add to my list this is fun!

    Kathy Peck- I could use the empty votive for a candle...I have a green and white bathroom and the first thing that came to mind was to put it in there. The freezer works for wax on tablecloths too...or you can put paper towels on either side of the wax and iron it off:)

  14. Hmm, I bet that is a lovely scent! I love Archipelago candles, esepecially Ebony Wood. It's my favorite scent. In fact, it's time to buy another one. Thanks for the suggestion on putting it in the freezer - I never knew that tip!

  15. My favourites are Jo Malone & L'Occitane, it also helps candles to burn slower if popped in the freezer overnight.Ida

  16. We buy only one scent, Cire Trudon's "Balmoral"; it is the "house scent". A reasonably priced long-burning candle is a treasure! Also like Lampe Berger which burns scented oil using a flameless catalytic method- much safer than candles (but I don't own one.) One of our friends lost his house due to an unattended candle so I am very watchful!

  17. JMW- I think these make great Christmas and "hostess' gifts too.

    ida- Now that's another great tip!

    Duchesse- I always keep a close eye on the candles too...Balmoral does have a regal sound to it :)

  18. Now this is a candle that I would buy in a heartbeat...$20 for 65 hours...I used to buy luxury candles, but lately it just doesn't feel right to spend so frivolously. I'm changing my ways and it catches me off guard all the time.