Friday, November 25, 2011

Chanel and shopping...

Lovely daughter in law and I tripped the light fantastic and went to the shopping mall to buy some Christmas clothes and toys for the adorable Miss Isla, grand baby extraordinaire.

Our expedition started out at Starbucks for some yuletide lattes...

We found many cute things for her at The Gap
and then we traipsed into the big toy store...
Toys R Us and found a couple of board books and an educational toy.

We also checked out some boots, shoes and lingerie at The Bay...
our very own Canadian store which has been sold to an American conglomerate!

I found some new lip gloss from Chanel...

Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss
#517  Triomphal
which is
A Limited Edition Christmas Colour.

Rouge Allure Laque
#74 Dynastie

I sat on a tall chair which I had to jump up onto
(I am height challenged so lovely DIL asked if I needed a boost!)

I managed on my own however it was a very ungracious looking move
as I was
laden down with parcels and bundled up in my Burberry quilted coat.

Perched on the chair I was there for all to see as the cosmetician tried several shades
( I think several passers by were very amused!)

after testing, swapping and swiping
we decided on two new colours...

Dynastie is for daytime
the Triomphal is bolder and richer 
perfect for nighttime.

The super glossy one is a bit of a change for me
but it catches the light and will look good in the evening.

Lily was the name of the gal at the counter...

 she added some samples of Chanel No.19 
which is a grassy lighter green scent.

Quite a departure from Mother's signature scent Chanel No. 5.

We were home in time for me to wrap the presents.
This year I have vowed to wrap as I buy...
don't really know why I just feel like it.

Last week I bought Michael Buble's Christmas CD and he does have me in the spirit already!

It's the eve of the weekend here and I hope that your weekend is a dreamy one...

If you are shopping Black Friday Sales
be careful of those bargain hunters
I read in the paper that they can be dangerous.

I'll be posting my Christmas fruitcake soon so stay tuned!


  1. So funny, I struggle to get up to those stools too, it's harder than mounting a horse as there's no stirrups or reins. Starbucks- what a moneymaking concept, I went in at 7.00am this morning and there were about 30 people in front of me, it's incredible.

  2. Love your new lipsticks. Are either one of them the type that has the clear gloss on the other end that makes them very long lasting? I have one and it's amazing - can eat and drink and still have lipstick on. And I agree with Tabitha, why didn't I invent Starbucks.....

  3. I would never let anyone place anything on my face, but that´s just me. I raise my hat for your courage!
    Thanks for the info about the Chanel specials. I´ll check if we have them over here tomorrow, when I´m off to Hki to fetch my fur coat from the summer keeps!

  4. Those stools are wayyyy too high! I try to avoid them!

  5. Wrap as you buy - that's a good tip! Usually I leave it all to the last minute and it becomes the Nightmare before Christmas.

  6. I almost fell off one of those stools as my clothes were kind of slick and it made it hard to get up there. I love Chanel lip gloss.

  7. Pretty lipsticks. Sounds like you had a fun time with your DIL.

    Wrapping as you go is a great idea! Christmas is coming - just one month away!

  8. Pretty glosses! Sounds like a fun time.

    I've avoided the malls today, had to pick up a replacement pillow for le monsieur but thankfully crowds were thin at the bedding-and-bath shop. Otherwise it's been a nice quiet Laundry Day!

  9. You're braver than I am re the lip gloss...I stick to the nudes. But the colors look really nice on your hand, and I love all Chanel cosmetics. But the saleswomen are like hawks, I try my best to avoid them!

  10. Oh Chanel perfume, got to love it!
    Love the new lippy shades Hostess, very festive.
    It's just dawned on me how close Christmas actually is.

  11. I hope you went to the Chanel counter first, and then had the pleasure of carrying around the lovely bad for the rest of the day!
    My mother used to wear Arpege, by Lanvin. I don't think it's produced anymore, but I loved it.
    Wishing you a warm and dry weekend....

  12. Pretty colors! I've always liked No. 19 :) And I agree Gap has some of the cutest things right now!

  13. What pretty lip shades. I have been toying with the idea of buying some new Chanel makeup lately. I wore my red (can't recall the name) Chanel lipstick and liner to have xmas photos taken. It helped make me look less under the weather than I am.

    I am so glad to hear you had a fun day out with your DIL and Isla. xoxo, A

  14. Kathy Peck- These glosses do last awhile even after sipping a latte! They are simply a one gloss affair.

    I am glad that those make up stools are not just a challenge for me!

    Starbucks is a hugely successful company and where I live we have 5 different coffee shops in our local village street and they are all full!

  15. I went to the chanel counter on Friday and had a chat with the sales girl. Sampled Eau premiere and no 19. And was told that they've just reformulated no 19 so that it has a bit more iris and a powdery after scent as the changes. I'm looooving the new no 19