Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fly little bird fly!

Fly little bird fly...
be free and easy.

Test those wings that you were born with and use those aerodynamics...
you have the ability
 just do it.

Be very afraid of this next image....
of the mummsy kind...

I have lost my mind and gone for comfort over fashion.
It''s true.

I am no longer barefoot prancing on the slivery wood floors.
My feet are warm and happy.
But they scare me when I look down and see those faces.

I put these soft slippers on my feet and fell madly in love.
Not with their looks but with the way they conformed and cushioned my tired toes.
Lambs or Sheep...
does it matter?

They are a fashion no no of the first order,

I am shuffling through The Humble Bungalow in these...
toting my Haws watering can
pottering and watering the house plants.

This miniature orchid is putting on a great blooming show
and I water it once a week.
Routines are so not on these days..
everything has changed.

I hope that I have chosen the right job in the career department...
the move is radical
I am going back to my roots...
elementary school
and I'll be working with special needs students.

Autism was my forte and I have come full circle...
I may be posting less
or possibly more
I suppose it will depend on my level of energy
and what inspires me.

I 'll let you know how things are going but it might take awhile...

I might be a stranger in a strange land
for a wee bit...

bear with me as I am standing on the precipice of something new...
I hope to soar and not plummet
but with any new endeavor there lies a modicum of doubt...

I wish that someone was holding my hand!

 Hope that your week is off to a great start.
Hugs from the Hostess


  1. Well I have slippers with long rabbit ears on them, I love silly "house" clothes and shoes.
    Ah this sounds like such an interesting challenge coming your way, one which I am sure you will rise to meet, I think it's just the newness of it all that's making you feel nervous.
    Anyway, we're all holding your hand.

  2. Oh Hostess I just knew we were kindred spirits!
    I would love to hold your hand. Until recently I worked with students with Autism in a special needs school.
    I do miss the children and yes it is rather challenging but incredibly worthwhile.
    I'll be supporting you from across the ocean!
    Annie xx

  3. we're all here to hold your hand. good luck although i doubt you'll need it. congratulations on such an admirable job change and just think of all the good you will be doing! bravo.


  4. That sounds like a fantastic place for you to be-everything is unnerving at first, but that won't last, I am sure of it. With your kindness those students will make your days even more rewarding than ever. As for the slippers, I think they are terrific! Warm, comfortable, and cute. Wear them with pride

  5. Bravo to you for working with special needs children! As a mother of a special needs child, I so appreciate the teachers and other professionals who exhibit so much patience and perseverance to work with these kids.

    And I say, slippers get a free pass from the Fashion Police!

  6. Well done. You are by nature a hostess; someone , who willingly helps and takes care of others. I am certain you will manage just fine : )

  7. If today is your first day, I wish you luck! A new endeavour keeps one supple!

  8. Such important and meaningful work you'll be doing...I so admire you! Sending you good wishes from Southern California!

  9. Congratulations on your new position! It sounds like a perfect fit for you.

    Love the slippers!

  10. I think elementary school is such a sweet environment...Autism seems to be a growing problem, so I'm sure you're skills are sorely needed. Good luck! And I'm drooooling over your fish vase!

  11. Congratulations - you'll do well there. And so many parents and students will thank you.

  12. Your gentle spirit will take you far in your chosen field. Blog when you can (that's what I'm trying these days).

  13. LOVE the slippers! Congrats on the new job!

  14. Your caring nature is just what these children will started in this work, and the circle is the work full time?

    My hand and thoughts are with you. Ida

  15. I am sure you will be so good at working with the children. I admire anyone who works with children with special needs. It takes a very special person to do well in this endeavor and you, dear Hostess, are certainly very special.

  16. Back to what you love sounds wonderful and I am sure it is going to be just perfect for you.

    I like you new slippers they look so warm and cozy for the cold winter days.(-:

  17. It takes brave, special people to choose to work with special needs kids. Good luck. It will be very rewarding, though exhausting (as most kids can be!), work for you.

  18. You will do great at your new job Hostess!

    Love your orchid, I am still trying to get mine to rebloom!!

  19. Best of luck with your new job. There will be children whose lives will be made all the richer for having you there.

    l love your slippers !

  20. As someone with a special needs son, I can attest that the people in the school system who are kind, helpful and encouraging to my son are angels on earth. Bless you in your new job!

  21. Oh, how I love wool slippers. I'm wearing mine right now.

    Wow--your news made me wonder if I would have the courage to try a new job.

  22. I love the slippers.

    My daughter works with special needs children, is earning a California Special Ed teacher credential. I am so proud of her and grateful for all of teachers who pursue this important teaching mission.


  23. Congratulations! You sound energized, enthusiastic and ready to embrace your new challenge... I'm going to find a similar scarf I have around here somewhere and try to copy the beautiful "knot" you show here. I like it!