Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eating like a French Femme

Baby it's cold outside and there is nothing more soothing than a bowl of homemade soup.
Not only does the Bungalow take on a scent that tempts ones taste buds it actually fills the rooms with a cozy warmth.

Soup season is upon us and I bought a very large sack of onions at the Market which were such an amazing price that they virtually crawled in the cart all by themselves.

Dinner is economical when you take the time to prepare it from scratch
I find the process very therapeutic.

I cried a little slicing these strong onions!
They were happy tears...

The sweetness of the onions come out when they gently sizzle in the pan.

I do not own individual onion soup bowls so I used what I had on hand.
The slices of French bread go in first then top with soup and the grated cheese last.
They float to the top and I popped them under the broiler until the cheese was melted.

French Onion Soup 
Jules Breteuil

made by The Hostess

Update on the Hostess Health Regime...
now would be a good time to click off if you are bored by these small accomplishments...

I have not lost any more weight but the good news is that my shape is changing
which is very encouraging...
the belly fat seems to be shrinking
my calves are getting bigger
my hips smaller

I am only weighing in once a week to avoid being compulsive as it's not ALL about the weight
it's really more about having more energy and feeling healthy.

My BFF shared a breakfast cereal recipe with me that I think is wonderful.
It is based on the Skinny B cereal which is quite expensive so clever gal that she is
she made her own.

Like my BFF 
(she is wise and seriously savvy)

I did the same.
Copycat that I am!

Here's the basic formula;
1 cup organic buckwheat
1 cup organic chia
1 cup hulled hemp hearts

(optional additives are dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds)

Put 2 tablespoons in a bowl and 4 tablespoons water, juice or milk let sit 5 minutes 
top with 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
and fruit
whatever you have on hand.

It sticks with you and has a great nutty flavour 
and is a super source of Omegas and fiber.
Keeps the blood sugar levels stable too.

Store this in the fridge for maximum freshness.

Thank you for dropping by today...
I heard on the news that there are over 200,000 active blogs on the net!
I am so grateful that you decided to pop in for a visit.

Now go off and seize what the day has to offer up to you.



  1. Congrats Hostess. I confess to fearing onion soup like that, white bread + cheese. You don't fear the white carbs?:)

  2. Your onion soup sounds eatable ; )
    Carbs are ok, though I choose to eat only rye bread and wholegrain rice, pasta.
    You seem to be on a good mood, have a nice day. Our´s is turning to early evening.

  3. metscan- I followed the recipe to the letter but I am sure that multigrain bread could have been substituted. I am in a good mood, I am feeling o much better these past few days. Enjoy your evening!

  4. French Onion Soup is one of my all time favorites. I had it for lunch nearly everyday last time I was in Paris. Looking at yours makes me hungry for it even if it is 8:00 a.m.

    Thanks for sharing your Skinny B cereal recipe....healthy and you'll save money by not buying boxed cereal.

    Have a super day today! xo, A

  5. Carbs make me feel happy and ready for anything, I love a thick slice of white home made bread with butter. I haven't had that soup since I was 16 and at school.

  6. I have been making a lot of soup. I have lots of squash waiting for hubby to have time to peel and chop them for me. Do you have a crock pot? I bought the biggest one I could find and fill it every couple of weeks! And...Dollarama has these little containers...10 for 1.00 and they are perfect for 1 serving of soup. So I fill them and stack them in the big freezer rather than using ziplocks which get so disorganized!

  7. That soup sounds fantastic. I will have to try it as I love French Onion soup but have never made it. We still have some Vidalia onions in the basement. If they are still good, yum!

  8. The soup looks so good and easy to make. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  9. Onion soup, so deeply satisfying and deliciously hearty- and now is the season to enjoy it! When I am being careful, Red River cereal is a good low GI breakfast, do like a little brown sugar on it! Somehow hot cereal seems it "stick" longer, i suppose it is psychological.

  10. French Onion Soup is a meal all by itself. So satisfying and just the thing for a cold windy day.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments. Little steps are sure to get you where you are headed.

  11. Suburban Princess- I gave my crock pot to a single mom with 3 jobs and 2 kids as she needed it more than I did. She uses it a lot so I feel really happy that I passed it on to her.
    I like how organized you are in the food department that's probably the secret that you possess that allows you to be so involved in your son's school and the community know what they say ask a busy person if you need something done!

    Lorrie- It was dinner for a few evenings and a couple of lunches. Very frugal and so simple.

  12. Thanks so much for the cereal recipe - it sounds like something I'd very much like to have on hand. Te ingredients will be on my list as soon as I get home!

  13. Mmm....onion soup!!

    So glad to hear your healthy routine is going well.

  14. Hello,I love onion soup. I usually add a shot of cider or sherry to the onions and cut the bread very thinly before toasting it, so that it serves merely as a thin coaster for the cheese. Yours looks great, very appetising!

  15. I've just cooked down a slew of onions in my slow cooker, so i can make that soup tomorrow! Seldom have I seen a waterbased onion soup, btw.