Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OOTD and The Humble Bungalow has a birthday!

The Humble Bungalow Blog is celebrating it's second year in the blogosphere!
528 posts and counting...
no cake or candles to mark the occasion just another post!

What I wore when the skies of the Pacific Northwest opened up and gave us copious amounts of rain.
There was a destination and a mission.
A command performance.
Mother was involved...

Mother and I had a date.
One does not dress down when out with Mother.
She sets the gold standard for dressing
a former nurse
and a fashion boutique manager in her later working life...
she does not dress down
she dresses up
and I do mean everyday.


Mother can be ill and still be coiffed and comported.
She will have jewelry on and pearls are her mainstay beads.
Baroque and Opera length if you please!

A pashmina will grace her shoulders
a handbag or clutch
it's all part of her ensemble.

I wore my Burberry coat
black ponte trousers
black ballet flats
and I carried my new thrifted Italian ostrich leather bag.

Italian Cecconi Piero Ostrich bag 
a surprising find from the thrift shop.

The frosty greeting that met me in the front garden 
of The Humble Bungalow.

I scraped the windows of the Volvo wagon before driving the block and a half to pick up Mother at her condo.

Seat heaters on...check.
Symphonic music tuned in...check.
Lipstick on...check.
Hair in place...check.
Positive attitude...check.

We went out for a bit of browsing the boutiques 
before tucking into a "wee tea" at a local Tea Room.

A repast that engaged us in a lively dialogue that lasted over an hour...
it might just be our new "go to" spot.

The weather has been quite surprising...
clear and cold 
raining cats and dogs
crisp and freezing 
cold  and  frosty....

Garments are hung by the door ready to be chosen at a moment's notice...
scarves and gloves are everyday items now.

Hand lotion is applied several times a day as the chilly weather makes ones hands dry out.
Sipping warm beverages
taking vitamins are part of everyday life here.

What are you doing to adjust to the new season?


  1. Happy Birthday to your blog!
    Your Mother sounds wonderful and I love your preparations for spending time with her. I'm sure she appreciates you very much.
    I've been eating more greens to keep my immune system strong, lots of vitamins and plenty of herbal tea. What I really want is lots of cheese, warm bread and red wine but I must have self-control, there will be plenty of indulgences over Christmas!

  2. The description of your mother reminds me of one of my clients. She is 85 and always dresses impeccably. Not a hair or a thread out of place. She is so beautiful and has a vibrant smile, even though I know she isn't feeling very well.

    We are having rather warm weather right now - high 60's/low 70's. You would think I would be delighted by that, but I long for cold winter days - to wear heavy coats and scarves and bundle up with some hot tea. Soon the weather will change...I hope.

    Happy 2nd Blog-anniversary! I must commend you on your 528 posts! That is remarkable. Keep up the fantastic work. xoxo, A

  3. I admire (to a point of worship) a Grande Dame who can pull off baroque pearls in opera length!
    Your mum sounds like a potential candidate for The Advanced Style blog :-)

  4. I now have click and heat hand warmers in my bag all the time now.

    I too, must do an attitude check before spending time with my mother lol. I dont know anyone outgrows that.

  5. Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of your blog. It sounds like you have a very good relationship with your mom, which is wonderful. If I had to sit alone in a cafe with my mom chatting, I'd be having a glass of wine, not tea.
    I love it that your mom cares still about her appearance ~ it's a great attitude.

  6. Warm congratulation to you and your blog!
    Visiting Humble Bungalow is one of my everyday pleasures. You are the best hostess I know; kind and considerate. Thank you for making us feel comfortable.
    I also use the seat warmer, though it is still above zero temperatures. And I have pulled out my down coat.
    Wonderful to read about your mother, and your good relationship.
    What Kathy wrote, applies to me too. Sad, but true, and now in the past.
    Keep your posts coming!

  7. Congratulations on your 2nd Blogoversary - that's a lot of posts! You and your Mother seem to have fun times together, which sounds lovely. Cute little bargain bag!

  8. The thing I miss most about my old car is the seat warmers! Congrats on your anniversary, and in a successful outing with your grande dame mere...you must have been a lovely pair to see, both such stylish women out and about...

  9. Congratulations on your blog's anniversary - and such a fine blog it is. I so enjoy reading your posts and peeking in at your life. Oh, and that ostrich bag -- heaven.

  10. Congratulations on the blogiversary.
    We had a family friend named Malvina who was always perfect. She never had a hair out of place and always looked impeccable. I inherited a watch from her that I treasure. It is as delicate as she was.
    Your Mother sounds like quite an interesting woman.

  11. I LOVE your Mother! A bit like my Father's Mother perhaps, a fiery red-head she was. "Like a shiny new penny!" she would say. A career nurse, administrator. Dressed to the NINES, ALWAYS! A Cosmo girl if ever there was one, evolved to Grande Dame. Boy did I find that out early-on, when I returned her dry cleaned trench a meager two hours late - TWO hours! LOL God bless her. Happy Blog Birthday. =)

  12. Such a fabulous bag! Great find!

    I am hating the cold - it hurts my hands so much. I use a lot of hand cream this time of year! And I need warmer gloves.

  13. Happy Birthday to the Hostess! I like ostrich quite a lot, nice find. And good luck staying healthy. Gets harder to recover, I find, as I age.

  14. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. It's not that cold here in Los Angeles yet, but we are about to get some chillier weather. I enjoy it because we get to wear our sweaters and boots. But we certainly can't complain here about the cold! So happy for you and enjoy your blog so much!

  15. What a lovely post...I see we have something in common....outings with our mothers, I love that you both dress up to make it special....next time I will ask my mother to wear her pearls too! I'm trying not to mind that it has gotten cool here and just enjoy wearing my boots,sweaters and scarves!

  16. Happy Birthday to the HHB blog!
    Your day out with your mother sounds like a treat. I enjoy the 'not so wee' tea, but only when I've had no breakfast or lunch!
    Gloves, sensible boots and coat with a hood are my staples for this rainy and windy weather.

  17. Such a classy outfit...and the bag!!! Love it.