Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo! it's Halloween

Halloween is here and I am excited to see all the wee children in their costumes.
They come knocking on the Humble Bungalow front door for treats.
Choruses of "trick or treat" are often shouted loudly before I even get the door open!
The event starts early around dinner time and we usually call it a night by 9 pm it's lights out.
We have never run out of candy before and I always worry that I haven't bought enough.
Some of my co workers get several hundred children, we usually have around 25 and if the weather is really inclement we may have as few as 10.

Our Jack o' Lantern is carved with jagged teeth
and spooky eyes.
Nothing very artsy, just the run of the mill pumpkin face
as in the past years when the kids were home we'd all take turns carving
and it was a group effort.
This year I was the sole carver.

I decorated the front porch while Mr. HB went to Home Depot to see about our new shower.

The reno is in full swing and taking up a lot of Mr. HB's time and expertise.
I am trying to keep the dust to a minimum
and sweep after each work session...
I am not very handy
but I can clean and am a passable painter
so my job is to keep the crew fed!

I hope the little ones are not scared tonight.
We've got a big bowl of candy to give out and I confess that I have snuck a few sweets myself
and I KNOW they are not allowed on my diet but I did it anyway!

I was hoping for a black cat but I had to settle for this black crow instead.

This black Mondo grass is thriving in the front yard.
I planted two this fall and have nestled them between 3 limelight hydrangeas.
The garden is looking like it's ready to turn in for the season and slumber until next Spring.
Which is fine by me because I am ready to sink my teeth into some new books.

We have a great used bookstore in the village
and I walked down there yesterday for some fresh air and a little book browsing.

I didn't come home empty handed so these will be added to the stack of books
that I have waiting for me to read.

I have been giving away books like nobody's business.
No storage means less clutter.

In keeping with the spooky theme here's 

I remember when it first came out 
how impressed I was by the choreography and the special effects.
It's still worth watching.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween, Leslie!

    You are lucky to get little ones. We have never once had a single trick-or-treater knock on our door in the 12 years we've lived here.

    Love your jack-o-lantern! xo, A

  2. Happy Halloween!
    I went to Thrill The World last night - the town park was filled with zombies doing the Thriller dance at 9pm...everyone was registered to contribute to the world record!

    I read The Left Bank a few years ago - it wasnt what I thought it would be and all I remember from it is the mayonnaise ratings. You will read what I mean soon enough lol!

  3. I've never had a single knock at the door either, it's tonight here but as usual I have no need to get anything in for it.

  4. HAPPY HALLOWEEN from my house to yours. I hope you get a bunch of little ghosts and goblins knocking on your door tonight to use up that candy. I adore used bookstores. The Left Bank by Kate Muir looks interesting. I read UK writers almost exclusively. But sometimes make exceptions. I enjoy your blog. It is a refreshing change from the ones I usually frequent, including my own. Take care.

  5. I'll be going around in the cold Ontario night time air with two little trick or treaters and I'm sure they'll let me have a treat or two. I think your pumpkin is quite classic - as a jack o'lantern should be!

  6. This is the first time in years we'll get trick or treaters to our door, as we'd been living in NYC for many years, and the doorman hands out candy. Now we're in a home in Santa Monica, and I'm a bit excited to be back in neighborhood and see the costumes. Will be getting the candy this afternoon, less time for me to eat it!

  7. Wishing you a Happy Halloween!
    Does Canada and US celebrate it at the same date?

  8. Happy Halloween and enjoy the evening... agree though re : the goodies - quite hard to resist especially if you have 'over catered'!! XX

  9. Happy Halloween - we didn't get any trick or treaters last year and I'm assuming that will be the same this year. I miss seeing them come to my door. Love the pumpkin, as Pondside says, it's classic!

  10. Our first Halloween in a condo and so, far fewer little witches, etc. But we will have some, so a bowl of treats awaits. I buy what we like to eat because we inevitably have some left over, so it is individually wrapped amaretto cookies from the Italian market and twizzlers. Have fun!

  11. Hostess, first I want to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I would dearly love to have tea with you and maybe go browsing in a bookstore. By the way, I always worked in the library when I was in school.
    I hope you have a lovely Halloween. We have some treats by so far no trick or treaters. They do drive the dogs crazy!

  12. The pumpkin has been lit the mini pumpkin lights are on and I have dinner organized. Pleae excuse me as I will be offline tonight while I am answering the front door and giving out treats. Hope that you all have a wonderful evening!

    Metscan Halloween is the same in Canada and the USA, it's the last day of October.