Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharing and airing of thoughts and an emailer who doesn't really like my blog.

Blogging is a great source of enjoyment for me. It is a hobby and something that has given me the opportunity to work on my writing and photography skills. My spelling has improved and my vocabulary is steadily increasing.

Blog topics are all over the map and from day to day I never really know what is going to get written and published until I sit at the computer and let the creative juices flow.

There are certain things that I do not write about because they are too personal. A girl doesn't like to tell all her secrets, after all an aura of mystery must be maintained to a certain degree.

My family rarely appear here on the Humble Bungalow Blog.
I prefer to keep some things private.
I share so much here and often wonder if I say too much.

My life is not one of glamour and non stop parties.
I am rather a simple woman with a few interests and a small circle of fabulous long time friends.
We get together for coffee, lunches and dinners both out and at home.
I'd be very lonely if I didn't have friends.
They are a treat and a treasure.

There are many happy hours to pursue hobbies, 
go for walks, 
and plenty of healthy distractions 
from the domestic duties which are ongoing here in the Bungalow.

I like regularity and rhythm 
I am a creature of habit.
I love things here to be organized and tidy.
I could never be happy living in a chaotic mess.
It would be too stressful for me.

I only have one junk drawer and it is neat and tidy!

I like predictability
do not like to be "rushed."

I like to keep moving and have purpose.

I do not over think things.

My expectations are low
and I am overjoyed when something wonderful occurs.
I am easily satisfied.

Travel is not high on my priority list
as I delight in exploring what is very near to my own back yard.

I am on a first name basis with most of the shop keepers whose businesses I patronize on a regular basis.
I do like to chat and exchange pleasantries with them.
I feel that this relationship goes beyond the usual exchange of goods and money.

I dislike rudeness in any form.
I seldom use a curse word as I believe there are many wonderful adverbs and adjectives that can be found to describe any situation.

I can keep a secret and am very trustworthy.
I do not like gossip and find it in extremely bad taste when someone tries to get me to say something negative or unflattering about someone.
I stay true and positive.

Road rage is not on my radar.
I try to be a Zen driver.

I narrowly missed getting hit this week by a driver who ran through a stop sign.
I blew my horn out of shock and disbelief 
and to try to alert the person in the vehicle that they had made a serious mistake.
My car stopped within 6 inches of their speeding car and I thought for sure we would collide.
It really is a miracle that my reactions were so fast and my brakes were so efficient.

Normally I do not use my horn.
In this case I think it was justified.
It's sound even startled me.

I am a list maker
things that need to be done
menu planning

I am sure that I can come up with some more tidbits of information 
 but that's about it for now.

“If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water's edge''”
 Napoleon Hill 

I get a fair number of emails...
most of which are friendly. 

Many want to share with me their own bungalow images and I feel a wonderful cross border connection
with other owners who are passionately restoring their homes.
Some want to know where they can buy some of the clothes that I have bought and I am more than happy to guide them in that direction.
Others just want to say how much they enjoy reading about the simple life that we live here in our humble home.

I have had some emails from a blog commenter who did not want to go public and leave a comment.
But chose to write in depth about all that was wrong on the blog
from the layout to the content...

The emailer critiqued The Humble Bungalow Blog 
in a very blunt way with a rather harsh tone which bordered on rude.

Blogging does open one up as a target for malcontents.
Perhaps this person is unhappy with her life
or is suffering from an illness 
maybe venting makes her feel better.

I hope that I have helped some one feel better,
as it is my aim to have an open door policy
welcoming all to The Humble Bungalow.

Next time I hope that she will go public and share her words with all of us in this community
and please do not mince words
I'd like everyone to share and comment on my blog.


  1. Honestly, I do wonder at some people and their ideas about blogs!

    What you reveal, or choose not to reveal, is entirely up to you!

    And as for design issues - get a life - is all I'll say to Anon.

    I enjoy your blog so much, just as I enjoy many other blogs. I certainly would never even consider criticizing either the content, or its design. If I didn't enjoy it, I'd just stop simple!

    The "virtual" world is a curious one, isn't it? Some negative people hide behind anonymity, forgetting their comments actually reveal more about themselves than they know.

    Libretto (who is not Anonymous, but who can't post any other way!)

  2. I don't quite understand what would compel someone to write to you about what they don't like about HHB. If someone doesn't care for a blog, I say they should not read it! After all, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs to read.

    You are the last person I would think would receive negative comments/emails from a reader. You are a gentle, kindhearted woman who loves her life and wants to share it with others. You don't brag. You don't preach. You are not judgmental. You show us part of your life - your lovely life.

    I hope you don't take what the emailer said to heart. There are plenty of us who love you and HHB just the way it is.

    Big hugs to you,


  3. Someone EMAILED you negative comments? That is downright mean! I find the mean types usually like to put it out there. You are writing a good blog, you are a nice person, to heck to them.

  4. We " meet " all kinds of people here in Blogosphere, don´t we! E-mailing, commenting anonymous, or even with a name; there still are odd types we meet. Well, if a blog is open for everyone, then anyone can join in, and write whatever they wish to write.
    I admit being sensitive too, but when I am asked for an opinion, I feel I want to write my true opinion. I am aware, that it is not always what one would expect from me, but I am on the way of building a new, more honest self-portrait of myself, and it is a huge change ( for me ).

  5. Requested advice is welcome but that is just plain rude. I get the same sort of thing and just roll my eyes. Don't let them grind you down.

  6. You know what I would like to see before I die? A commenter who stands behind her/his words with a name and a link to their profile. Otherwise is just a bunch of spiteful nonsense or as Deja Pseu once brilliantly labeled "a drive by shooting."

  7. Sounds like you are very comfortable in your skin...and your "skin" sounds wonderful to me! I wish I could be more like you in several areas....

    Thankful you avoided a crash! Don't let a negative email put dents in your style. (I try to sift criticism--keeping and profiting from any truth in it and throwing the rest out...)

  8. Hello Hostess, you clearly love your life and I love reading about it! I particularly like seeing pics of your beautiful home (&Pepper) and all the new clobber you buy. Being a critic is the easiest thing in the world, but being mean takes effort. Some people are just that way and it's more a reflection of their dissatisfaction with their own lives than a real criticism of you. Try and shrug it off and refuse to engage with them. x

  9. You and your wonderful blog are treasures, dear Hostess. Never change what you are doing! The way you describe yourself fits "me" perfectly! Have a wonderful weekend, hugs!

  10. Hello Hostess - I've been reading for a while but I don't think I have ever commented before. Well, your email correspondent was just rude, no question! I hope you rather take on board the lovely comments you have received above - I, too, read your blog for your gentle ways and enjoy it very much.

  11. I am always hurt when one of my blogger friends receives this sort of ugliness. I am so glad that you are secure enough to know that a person who does this is simply unhappy with themself. If they don't care for a blog, no one is forcing them to read it. I guess they think you should write your blog just to suit them?Narcissism at it's finest. I love your blog just as it is.

  12. Sorry that happened. I enjoy your blog like a little vacation; I can swoop down into your town and enjoy the weather and other vicarious pleasures. Keep on blogging; I wish you the best.
    A Friend in Maryland

  13. I agree with everyone here Leigh, stay true to yourself, don't change a thing, you have a lovely blog, you creative, down to earth, and have a wonderful sense of self. It is always a pleasure to stop into your bungalow!
    Don't change a thing, just be you. Best wishes for a lovely weekend.

    Jeanne xx

  14. Your blog reflects you and I love that. You have a lot of followers, so obviously you are appreciated. I would say to not let anyone get you down. I know sometimes that is harder said than done.
    Your blog is a bit of peace for me each day. Your words have a calming effect and make me happy.
    Don't change what you do, dear Hostess.

  15. Just so you don't think I am crazy, I meant easier said than done. (I am just now having my coffee.)

  16. One thing that being "out there" does it seems is to connect us all to some very odd and mean types. Hope you can let it go. I love your blog and look forward to it each morning.

  17. it's pretty common now to get rude comments and emails. i don't understand it. i think people that don't have blogs don't realize how much hard work and effort goes into writing one. maybe it looks easy but it ain't. i feel like my blog is a part time job that doesn't pay. it's a lot of work.

    i also realize that we are v much alike leslie. except i curse a lot. and i don't make lists. other than that we're 2 peas in a pod.


  18. I for one love your blog. It's a "feel good" blog. I just can't imagine someone taking the time to write an email full of things they don't like. If they don't like it, then they need to move on. I'm sure you receive many more positive, wonderful comments that cancel out the negative remarks. All I have to say is. . .if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. No one asked for your opinion.

    Lori S.

  19. It sounds like you've been able to look at this email for what it is and to move on. I have limited time, with family, full time work and all the demands of a home etc and am selective about what I read on Blogdom. I come back to your blog for all the reasons you listed. There will always be malcontents out there - it's just a shame that they feel the necessity of sharing their negativity.
    PS I like your layout, and appreciate the font and colour you use - it's easy on the eyes!

  20. When someone sends a negative email to a blogger, it tells us more about them than it does the blogger. Some people deserve our pity more than anything else. This poor reader obviously has little to do to fill his/her time and the things other people do are getting to them. Perhaps your affronted reader would like to create a blog and share with us how perfect it is?

  21. I'll go along with what Suburban Princess says. That person was rude. As far as I can see, the only thing wrong with your blog is that I haven't seen Pepper for a while ;)

  22. I'm just staggered by this. I'm having trouble imagining what could be going on in the head of such a person. The only explanation I have is that you are a beautiful person with a beautiful life, and that she is expressing a particularly vicious envy by finding imaginary fault with you and your blog.

    I haven't commented much in the past few months, but I do read your blog regularly (my newsreader is subscribed to it) and I for one would never subscribe to a blog I didn't like. (But I agree with J.W., above--this blog definitely needs more Pepper! :))

    I like Napoleon Hill's advice. Perhaps I will try it myself when next I am on a beach. I'm not demonstrably religious, but I do keep a verse from the Psalms posted above my desk at work--Psalms 19:14--a kind of prayer which reminds me always to speak kindly and think good thoughts.

    Congratulations, btw, on the new job--I hope it brings you happiness and new purpose!

  23. Agree wholeheartedly with your fan club here, Leslie! You are brave, posting as you do. I live a mind-numbingly dull life, but it's a good life, and I especially enjoy dropping in to visit you each day. More pics of beautiful BC please, and more fun recipes like the coconut rice pudding, which I need to make again today as my 16yo daughter demands it!

  24. Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant email. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

  25. You should spend exactly zero minutes of your life on this. You owe no one an explanation. Get friendly with your delete key and use it.

    Have a great weekend.

  26. I'll just echo everything that's been said already - your blog is lovely, full of good things. The gentle pace of life you enjoy is one many of us can attest to.

    I just cannot imagine how anyone would have the nerve to email you in such a manner. Boggles the mind.

  27. I am so sorry to know that this happened, I think it deserves to be ignored but I can understand how hurtful it would have been to read something so mean.
    Probably an ill person.
    Sending hugs to you and wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  28. I just found you. Loved reading through your posts - and even all the comments. Great blog. Glad I found it!

  29. I am sorry Hostess. You certainly don't deserve mean or rude comments about your lovely blog.

  30. Hostess I suspect that this sad person is jealous of your happy life...ignore them they thrive on upsetting people.

    I enjoy your posts and like the way you share your thoughts,home & garden with us.

    Big warm OOOxxxx Ida x

  31. I love your blog and I especially enjoyed reading this post. It really is sad that people write rude and hurtful comments and even sadder that they don't have the courage to sign their name. As bloggers we have all experienced this, and it is unfortunate. But we know that the joys of blogging far outweigh these minor irritations. Thank you for continuing to bring a ray of happiness into my day with your delightful blog!

  32. I love your blog and to hell with cowards. The end. xx

  33. Dear Hostess,
    a wonderful post - and shame to the anonymous! I believe there are some people that are envious - and they put their feeling in a form that can hurt you. Your rational mind knows quite well what is the matter with them - but the heart is puzzled and asks: "Why?" One cannot change people, and though I know it will not help I tell you: Skip it. Don't think too much about that needle prick. Laugh it off. And write on - we love your beautiful blogs!

  34. However I first discovered you I can't remember, but you hooked me at Bungalow!. I'm a thirty year resident of a humble bungalow surrounded by gardens in Cleveland Heights. I can't imagine where you get the energy and time to write your posts. Receiving your email late in the afternoon (almost EVERY DAY!!!!), is my first deep breath of relaxation at the end of my ongoing list of TO-DOs. I have enjoyed the central justified formatting- it makes you memorable amongst so many blogs. Please don't let one person's negativity block your creativity-you are loved by many.

  35. Admire your invitation to the person to post his or her comments here! I have no time for anonymous comments, even though most of us use a pseudonym (kind of funny, isn't it?) Criticism is one thing, personal attack another, and I don't publish those (rare) comments. There are all kinds of people in the world, and the online world is no different. Enjoyed your description of yourself.

  36. I missed this post somehow...not much else to add to what your faithful readers have already said, but my tendency is to just chalk that kind of behavior up to the person being 'mentally challenged'. I would just delete the emails and go on with your wonderful life!

  37. Dear Hostess,

    I have been out of the blogosphere for the last month -- something I intend to get onto today! I was saddened to see your post. I truly do wonder what is wrong with some people. Anonymous obviously has not heard the ol’ cliché, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.” Further, your blog is YOURS – you write and lay it out as YOU like.

    I loved your blog from the moment Mrs Semi Expat got me onto it. I love your writing, your photos, and all you have to share.

    I say hit ‘delete’ and keep doing what you are doing. I will certainly always be one of your followers … and you have several hundred other people that love you too!

  38. Imagine taking all the time necessary to write such a nasty email. I pity the person who wrote it and that they don't have more of a life. I truly don't understand why someone bothers to stay and read a blog when they don't like it - they can just move on to other sites that they do like. People continue to amaze me. I enjoy your thoughts on different topics and would not change a thing about your blog.

  39. I also had to deal with the negative side of blogging. I had death threats and reported them to the RCMP.
    I shut down my blogs and allowed anonymous people to control me.

    No more.
    The nasty emails came from a Host Ventures site in Baltimore.

    Leslie, I would report these losers. Believe me, they aren't as anonymous as they think.

  40. I really enjoy reading your blog, i love the photos and the words.
    Furthermore, it is YOUR blog, to present in whatever way you wish........ People who do not appreciate that clearly do not understand what blogging is all about!
    I hope you do not feel disheartened by this persons negativity.

  41. Hi Hostess, I agree with Debbi - your blog is very calming to read. I adore your list about you. I'm a list girl also. I just know your home would be one of the most welcoming ones around.