Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life's a Beach....and then it's gone.

I am taking you along on the beach walk this afternoon.

Walking at the same time of day means meeting and greeting the same folks as they are out strolling, walking and jogging. Dogs are allowed on the beach from September on so there are a wide variety of canines and their owners.
I could easily have another Golden Retriever to keep me company on my jaunts...
our hearts still weep when we remember our wonderful and faithful Rufus.

Observing the people as I walk by I have noticed that there is a large fit group of older women...
all smiling!
It interests me that most are walking solo like myself.
They are wearing pretty pink shades of lipstick
and dressed in practical and stylish walking shoes.

I have noticed that polar fleece is very popular and the colours range from black to brights.
Down jackets and coats seem to be the favourite with the elderly.

Nordic walkers are few and far between but when they pass they take up the entire width of the sidewalk and one must stop to allow them to pass or hop down off the sidewalk and walk on the road. 
They obviously do not like to yield to oncoming traffic!

A few older couples shuffle along holding hands before they stop to sit on a bench to rest and peruse the shore.
There is constant chatter with these couples and I wonder what it is that they are discussing...
I am assuming that they have been married forever...
so lovely to see their connections.

Magnificent old trees dot the shoreline.
In the stormy winter winds these bow and sway threatening to break...
their placement on the shore has them directly in the line of fire.

the sand is soft and walking on the beach does wonders for one's calf muscles
I prefer to wear boots or I get mucky sandy shoes.

In the summertime 
barefoot beach walking is a great exfoliant for the feet.

a lovely calm day on the sea...
hardly a ripple and it's November.

sunshine-y flowers popping up out of the grassy shoreline
"bloom where you are planted"

quiet moments of meditative walking 
are so restorative

 Mother Nature is showing off her best assets.
One does absorb simple joys
and experience moments of clarity.

Change is the theme here in the Humble Bungalow.
Not one change but many...
I am waiting on some news on the career front
and rather impatiently....

One of my nearest and dearest has just lost her Mother...
she is/was the same age as my Mom and I am rather shaken by this news.

I took a lovely orchid and a card and gave her hugs and we cried
I felt so powerless
there is so little one can do or say in these moments.

Being there was all I could muster.

Mother and I will be at the memorial
they were friends too
 Mother has taken it very hard...

life is so precious
do not take anything for granted
it can change in a heart beat.


  1. Beautiful post! I join you in walking, just down the road a stretch here two sometimes three times a day. Better able now to embrace life's details.

  2. What a wonderful reminder, hostess, to stop and appreciate the beauty around us. You are so observant! Sometimes when I'm out walking the dogs I get into a fog of my own thoughts and forget to just stop and see, smell, hear.

  3. Wonderful. My thoughts wander this way when I take my evening walks too. Your photos are stunning, what kind of huge old tree is that? Good luck on the career front, and so sorry about your friend's mother.

  4. Sue- I am sorry but I don't know the type of tree, but it looks a lot like a willow.

  5. What beautiful surroundings. It's so hard to always live in the moment, and to remember the fragility of life.

  6. Your photos are always so peaceful and beautiful.

    I am really sorry to hear about your Mom's friend passing. It's so true about life changing in an instant.

  7. Your surroundings are absolutely beautiful. And you seem to be able to process lots of things; thoughts during your walks.

  8. A lovely post, Hostess, full of detail and observation. Life is indeed fragile and uncertain. I hope you enjoy yours today.

  9. Stunning photos of your walk today. So sorry to here the news of your friends mother...and you are so right, life is so precious, we must not take it for granted.


  10. Beautiful photos, I feel lucky to be able to see such beauty.
    When I walked daily, I would see some of the same people. Some were friendly, others not so much. I remember one day when we saw a double rainbow reflected in the river. Everyone was so delighted by it.
    None of us are guaranteed any specific time on this earth. You are absolutely correct that we should treasure every minute.

  11. You are such a sweetheart! Bless your kind heart.

  12. What an appropriate and timely post. I saw your title and I had to post it in a new Forum we just created today to provide support since after a few years at the biggest Internet independent contracting company, a bunch were fired and the rest of us have very little work. It's quite a shock and I sense something is happening for you in the work arena. I do wish you the best. My condolences to your dear friend. I love my Mom more than anything. She is 84. I just got a letter today from her and it's a great letter. I realized while I was reading it that it would be a letter I'd want to keep and read for years. It's hard to imagine life without my Mom. She's the sweetest and most generous person in the world, and I try to prepare for that someday when she won't be around and it's hard.

  13. I am loving these glimpses of your part of the world Hostess.
    Do you find that changes in one's life often happen all at once?
    Best wishes to your friend.
    Annie xx

  14. Victoria- Oh my job is secure. I have just accepted a new position at a different school and am so excited as I will be able to walk to and from work! Your comment about your Mother is one that resonates with me too.

    Red roses and crystal- Yes change is all around me right now, it's like a whirlwind!