Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pepper takes the stage...

By request Pepper will be making an appearance.
She has been pretty lazy sleeping on soft duvet covered beds both upstairs and downstairs in the guest bedroom.

I coaxed her to wake up with some cat treats and got the camera out and snapped her picture.
For every picture that you see here there were about 10 more of each pose and most were blurred as she doesn't hold a pose for long.

Here she is perched up on the granite counter by the stove
looking rather nonchalant.

Pepper is royalty here in The Humble Bungalow.
Do you think she has any idea of her power?

I wonder what she's thinking...

"here she goes again with that crazy camera"...

This look is not for the camera
it was the birds outside that caught her attention!

When she was first here in our home she refused to have her claws clipped.
Snarling, biting, wriggling out of the towel, scratching and hissing at us.
I worried that we'd lose an eye!

We ended up taking her to the vet so that the technician and the vet together could do the job.
I took her for many monthly visits before deciding to train her to allow me to do the job.
I gave her a treat then cut the claws on one paw,
another treat and another paw,
same again twice more and we're finished.

Pepper does love her food
and she loves to chase her catnip mice.
She chirrups when she's happy and it's the sweetest sound ever!

She does not like water unless it is fresh from the tap...

"She who must be obeyed."

Pepper often sleeps on top of the duvet of our bed with us asleep underneath.
Part Bengal, part Egyptian Mau, part Alley cat she does not like to be left alone.

She follows me around the house when I clean or water the plants.
If I am sitting at the computer, more often than not, she is snuggled up right beside me keeping me warm.

Pepper is cheeky and sneaky and does rule the roost.
(can you tell?)

She has taken to jumping way up to the top of the cabinets
 snoozing and surveying what goes on below.
What a spoiled Puss!

I have toyed with the idea of getting another cat to keep her company...
but I have a sneaky feeling that she might not like sharing us with another feline.

It's been a cold and stormy day
 there's a sweet geranium blooming on the windowsill
cheering up the grey gloom that lies beyond the pane.

If the sun is not shining 
I find my own way to add cheer to the day
and that usual means having some fresh flowers close by.

What makes your life a little sunnier?

Dinner is cooking in the oven, 
Pepper's asleep, 
The Vancouver Canucks are on the TV and Mr. HB is happy.

What's not to love?


  1. I love Pepper. Such a proud stance she has. It always bogles my mind how cats can get in the highest and hardest to reach places.

    My day has been a little sunnier because my husband and I picked out a beautiful Christmas tree today, my father-in-law came for a visit and we've had a fire going in the fireplace since 4:00 p.m. xo

  2. Pepper is such a great name for a cat! :) Yes, I think Pepper will be your one and only.

  3. Pepper is adorable, and reminds me of a cat I had for many years. She was also very much a "people cat" and loved being carried around on my shoulder. Cats are such extraordinary little beings!

  4. There are no indoor cats at Pondside, due to our daughter's cat allergy, but there are barn cats aplenty. On a day like today I'm glad to have Rory to curl up on my lap.

  5. She looks as if she rules the roost and may terrorise a new arrival. Glad to see that my cat is not the only one up on the cupboards. Ours sits on the dinner table and watches us eat too!

  6. Pepper is adorable and reminds me very much of a cat I was once privileged to share my home with. I think cats are universally similar, mine does many of the things you describe, he's also very talkative, believe it or not.

  7. I love when you post about Pepper...she is such a georgous kitty and it sounds as if she also has a wonderful personality. I am looking for a cat but so far it has been a little elusive.

  8. I'm not a cat person, but Pepper may have stolen my heart. She's gorgeous, love her intelligent expressions, and her markings. Pets, if you like them, often makes one's life sunnier I believe. I've always had a number of dogs, and currently we have two miniature dachshunds. First time with small dogs, and we love it. We did have one of them first, and got the second to keep her company, and it was a good move. I feel far less guilty leaving home for the day, and they adore each other (most of the time.)

  9. Pepper is the queen, I can see and appreciate. We are owned by three marvelous felines, who similarly rule the house. One is leaning on my typing hand right now . . . .

  10. Thank you. I was going through Pepper withdrawals!

  11. Your cat is very cute. To make a gray day sunnier I also put out some fresh flowers, light a fragrant candle, and then cook something comforting, like a big pot of soup. Yesterday I made lentil soup from Barefoot Contessa. The day became very cozy.

  12. Thank you for a whole post on Pepper.
    Looking and feeling just fine!

  13. Your post about Pepper makes me miss my kitty even more, but in a good way.

    Cats do know they are royalty, or at least superior to the lesser beings (humans) in the house. They know.

    My Cossytte would chirp at the birds outside the window - it was the funniest noise!

    Thanks for making me smile!

  14. Pepper is a proper little princess ! I too have a cat, a huge Maine Coon. I'm super-contented when hubby and I are squished up on the sofa with our little dog and our cat is overseeing us all majestically from a nearby bookshelf!

  15. Cats believe they rule the world and often do in their homes. Pets do make our lives complete. Very sweet photos of Pepper.

  16. Pepper is a sweetie! Ah yes, the cat photographer's accessory, cat treats. I employ the same technique when attempting to photograph my kitty.

    I just found your blog through Dani BP's. Seeing your lovely bungalow and reading about your passion for boating reminds me what I miss the most about BC, the ocean. One of my best memories is cruising into Princess Louisa Inlet and dropping anchor for a week.