Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogger meets Blogger!

I got to meet a blogger face to face!
We arranged to meet up at the local Value village store.

Sheila from Ephemera is a fashion blogger who posts most every day what she wears and she has been doing this since 2008! She has great taste in clothing and likes to wear bright and bold colours. She definitely has, what I call,
"the fashion gene."

Sheila with her Saks Fifth Avenue skirt!

Sheila wore some really great stockings!

Charcoal Hue tights and Joe boots 
for the "Sturdy Girl Hostess."

We were in the VV Boutique for about 2 hours scouring the racks. Sheila wears a much smaller size than I do so we browsed the racks in the same areas in tandem...sweaters, dresses, shoes, skirts...I found a skirt by Desigual for her to try and she bought it!

I spent $83.93 and came home with some great loot!

It's Saks Fifth Avenue for the Hostess too!

I like the details 
good quality, great fit, soft knit
and it's that shade of grey
that makes my heart flutter.

this looks great on but has no hanger appeal 
and it needs to be steamed to get rid of those wrinkles

I'll wear this with a white long sleeved T shirt.

a hat 

handbag in ostrich leather

I wished that the Liz printed sweater had worked for me 
Sheila found that one but even though it was tagged at medium I was swimming in it!
It must have been mis-labelled :)

Cecconi Piero from Italy

earrings with a tribal vibe

Sheila has Blogger cards...
such a nice touch.

Thank you Sheila I had a great afternoon!

P.S. If you are doing the math I bought a few other small items one of which will be a Christmas gift!


  1. How fun! I want to do that with can we arrange that?

    Great scores on the clothes, hat, jewelry and bag. You really came home with some great things.

    So far, I have met two bloggers in person and a loyal reader. They have all become friends of mine and I cherish the time I spent with them. It's so fun to meet up "live".

    I will have to check out Sheila's blog now. xoxo, A

  2. I can just imagine the two of you at VV! I cruise the aisles there and at a few other favorite places in town when I get the thrifty urge. Great buys for you today!

  3. You got so much fab stuff, Leslie! I had such a fun time shopping with you!

    I'm so excited to wear all my things - thank you for your help in finding that skirt!

  4. The bag and cardigan are so me, I love them!
    How lovely to meet another blogger, I've yet to meet anyone from the blog world.

  5. Must be great to meet another blogger. I always read Sheila and it sounds like you guys got some great deals. If you have a few moments please come over and check out

    Lesa at
    Always Summer

  6. Oh, Bonnie, how lovely to peep in on all that shopping excitement! What bargains, and I like the look of the hat. The happy end photo makes me smile - you look like two naughty schoolgirls!

  7. What fun! You do look like naughty schoolgirls, and you found amaaaaazing bargains!

  8. What great fun you two must have had! And you scored some really great bargains!!

  9. oh that sfa long black skirt would look so good with that cardi with pearl collar! what a great thriftshop. and how fun to meet another blogger. wish i was there with you! xo janet

  10. Love the cardigan and the purse. Great finds, and it looks like the two of you had so much fun.

  11. Wow! You really came home with some great things...and all new. What a fun adventure.(-:

  12. I´m so happy for you two! And the bag looks like fun.
    I´m not likely to meet any of you great bloggers and readers for geographical reasons ( ; , so all I can do, is continue blogging!

  13. What fun! you look a happy pair with the bags of loot!! Ida

  14. What a fun shopping spree! And how great to meet a fellow blogger!

  15. I NEVER found good stuff at Value Village when I lived in Seattle - I should have known you then so I could go shopping in Canada! Here's to happy thrifting!

  16. It looks like you had so much fun! I would love to have been there with the two of you. I really like your sturdy girl boots. They are right up my alley! That purse is just so cool. I love ostrich.