Friday, November 18, 2011

The weekend awaits...

It's funny how some weeks seem to fly by and others feel like they are dragging along at a snail's pace.
This week literally flew by...

I can hardly believe it's Friday and what do I have to show for it you may well ask?
The usual stuff that seems to take up a lot of time...stuff that I can do fairly easily because I have been doing it most of my adult life.
The domestic chores, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, walking, working, laundry....

I find that if I put things away the minute that I finish them I can reduce the amount of clutter and chaos.
Keeping things tidy on the home front keeps me in a zen zone.

My cleaning gal does a fabulous and efficient job on her shift so I am freed up to play with Pepper, chat with friends, visit my Mom, browse in shops, see my family, or explore galleries.
 (which I have not done for a long time)

I have had coffee out with friends, an in home visit with my lovely DIL and her adorable daughter Isla, walked every day rain or shine, started reading Alone in The Classroom by Elizabeth Hay, blogged, took photographs, played with Pepper, and weighed myself only to find that the scale remained the same as last week...
and I ate one brownie!
Pretty tame and slow, a simple life, a life I am happy to be living, a life that suits me just fine.

Look at that sky.
I just love that shade of blue.

I am wearing blues today...

a fringed woven scarf

Worn with black denim jeans, 
white tank top layered under a black sweater.

The Humble Bungalow Garden has gone to the dogs.
I have hung up my garden gloves for the season and will rest until Spring.

Hints of former beauty wilt and wither...

The Black Mondo Grass has produced some berries and seems happy.

A bright red rose hip adds a punch of colour.

In the snow birds are able to snack on these plump and juicy treats.

Two late bloomers 
this hydrangea bush was hit hard by the last winter's weather and I thought it had died but it has rallied
and although it bore very few flowers I think it's on the mend.

This was a surprise!
Romneya coulterii 
not usually putting on a display in November.

On the agenda for the weekend
I will be voting in a civic election
meeting up with a blogger for some thrift shopping
making a dinner that I will double to serve later in the week
and pushing the broom in the dusty bowels of the bungalow basement!

What are you planning to do?
I hope you'll find some time to be thankful and count your blessings.

Perhaps you'll enjoy a nap...
Pepper is an expert in the field...
now if only she could give me a lesson!


  1. Such a satisfying round of activity!
    I'll be voting too - The Great Dane was acclaimed, so no worries here, although a sister is running in another municipality. Tomorrow I'll be at a Restorative Justice symposium in honour of RJ week, and then a lazy diner a deux with The Great Dane. Sunday?...more laziness, books and a walk if the weather cooperates.
    I appreciate your sharing the rhythm of your days...

  2. Sounds like a simply lovely week. I feel like the week flew by, too! It was sort of a blur.

    I have no plans this weekend, for a change. And I am elated about it! xoxo, A

  3. Your week sounds lovely. Next week I will be cooking all week for Thanksgiving. Can't believe it's almost here. The weekend before should be relaxing. My daughter is visiting from San Francisco. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow! That Romneya's confused -- and certainly a bit shocked by this week's weather. Mine has been sleeping for a few weeks now and will not wake until spring. Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm . . .

  5. Your garden reminds me of what I miss about living where there are real seasons. There's something about a garden that's going to take a rest in the winter that is so peaceful to me. And it's so fun to find little surprises under the leaves. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I think that Pepper has the best idea...relaxing, napping and just appearing beautiful. Cats and so smart!

  7. What a great week you have had. Phew mine has flown by,packing,packing.....decluttering the woman at the village Charity shop beams when the car pulls up with its 3rd drop off this week!

    My roses are still flowering!!!have just cut some for the kitchen table weird ! and the temp is +9c cold ,damp & misty.

    Happy reading weekend Hostess. Ida

  8. Sounds like nice week, I love a good rhythm to the days. My week was disjointed and went slowly, which is also fine. The weekend will be more of the same. Hope you take a cozy nap.

  9. Sounds like you had a full and balanced week. There's a certain stark beauty in a dormant winter garden too. But your Romneya, wow. Our gardener had cut ours back to the ground weeks ago, and I'm hoping they come back in the spring. Love the shawl, and can picture your ensemble in my mind's eye.

  10. Your weight is going to plateau some weeks, even some months, as your body adjusts. It's normal, so don't be hard on yourself. And... some weeks should have brownies in them.

  11. I've been in a blue mood lately, too. My blues come in scarves, which suit me just fine to pair with white in the summer and black in the winter.

    With a cute cat like Pepper, how could you not want to spend all your time with her? She's just adorable.

  12. The past week has been a quiet one for me. Thrice to Hki for different missions. Early to bed and early wake-ups.

    Have you started your new work yet? Is it full time or what?
    In envy, as you seem to accomplish so much during one simple week ; )

  13. metscan- I'll send you an email and give you the details.