Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday...after a big night on the town.

I slept in and am sipping a mug of real coffee, the first in many months. Feeling very lazy sitting here in my robe and slippers...
There is something so decadent about waking up to the aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen.
We had a wonderful evening last night and it was a later one than is usual on a Friday evening after a busy week.
It's hard to imagine that we can go out on the town and live it up like we did when we were much younger. Good to know that we haven't forgotten how to have fun!

We were celebrating the fact that I have a new job!

Flowers from my daughter's fellow!

We walked downtown and dined at one of our city's top restaurants and then we hoofed it over to a heritage hotel by the sea and had a bottle of champagne, a gift from my daughter's fellow. I don't like the word "boyfriend" as that does not adequately describe him because he is a man not a boy.

I could have pinched myself as we were sitting on sumptuous leather sofas enjoying the lights of the harbour living it up and savouring the moment rubbing shoulders with international tourists.

As we were leaving we strolled through the convention center and were surprised to see a large group of red headed Lucille Ball look a likes...the Ricky Ricardo's were inside waiting!

It was a dreamy date and such a memorable way to celebrate and mark new beginnings.

New beginnings and the rapid way that change is making an entrance into what was a predictable routine has taken us by storm and I am reeling...
but all in a good way.

Once I started to action change with a new approach to fitness and health, lots of things started happening and there seems to be a domino effect.

The new job is going to be a challenge and one that I am keen to take on. I am ready to embrace a new direction in the late stages of my career and have so many tricks in my bag just wait no longer, it's time.

Walking to work is going to be such a bonus.
Not only is it healthier it's greener and cheaper!

I did have to go out and buy some good looking walking shoes that I could wear to work.
(They cost less than 4 Michelin tires for the Volvo though!)
I never need an excuse to buy shoes, who does?

Adrienne over at The Rich Life (on a budget) has done some shoe shopping recently...
she has chosen some lovely colours.

I imagine that you are not surprised that the shoes are black...

Lisa over at Privilege shares a love of black footwear.
She just started a new job and check out how great she looks in her khaki and black.

a little silver bling in the mesh

they are not shoes for the faint of heart
they have serious support and are made by Geox
which has a patent on their shoe building technology.

I am lusting over some Frye boots and tried on some fabulous Ralph Lauren riding boots at Winners...
they are most definitely investment boots...
(cheaper than Michelin's hmmm....)
I just don't know if they are in the budget right now.

The reno is taking most of our cash and still is the number one priority around here.

Lots to think about...
I am taking today as a lazy day to ponder the whirlwind of change that is blowing through the Humble Bungalow.

(I had better get dressed as the plumber will be here in a few minutes!)

I am still the same Hostess
but with a newness that is redefining 
how I view my life and the direction that I seem to be going.

Make the most of your weekend whatever you choose to do...
carpe diem
take a leap of faith and shake up your world.


  1. This was fun to read, congratulations. I know you've been going through an unsettled patch, so it's great to hear that things are now firmly headed in new and exciting direction. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.
    And that mob of redheads is scary!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a prefect evening to celebrate. How wonderful to be able to walk to work and how funny to come upon a bunch of Lucille Ball look alikes...that's gotta be a first. Have a great weekend!


  3. Fantastic! How very exciting to be redefining yourself.

  4. Hostess, how exciting! I shall think of you when I too walk to work! It is certainly good for the weight control efforts, and I find it puts me in the right mood for my day. Good shoes are mandatory. Thank you for the mention, and it's lovely to have a compatriot.

  5. Congratulations Hostess ~ are you going to tell us about your new job. How lovely that you can walk to work! I love reading about women our age re-defining themselves, very inspirational. And last night sounds heavenly.

  6. Lol....When I saw the herd of Lucy look-alikes, it reminded me of the movie Rat Race, when Cuba Gooding Jr's character came across a busload of Lucy's heading to a convention....too funny!

    Congrats on your new job!

  7. Congrats on the new job! A bottle of champagne is a delightful way to celebrat.

    I lived in my Ecco black walking shoes when I was in Europe last month. Comfortable, stylish, and my feet were the one part of my body that didn't ache, and that's saying alot for a person with plantar fascitiis in both feet. They are Euro-appropriate, too.

    So live on, black walkign shoes! I'll take a look at the Geox line and see if I can find another pair in chocolate.

  8. My goodness...where have I been, a new job and a house redo!!! How exciting. Your new shoes are spectacular. So happy you are enjoying walking for exercise, I think it is the basis for good fitness and you have such wonderful places to walk.

  9. Kathy Peck- I will talk about it after I have been in it awhile, right now it's early days.

  10. Congratulations Hostess and best wishes for this exciting position. I just know you will be wonderful in your new role.
    Me too...serious shoe shopping on the horizon. Sure are seriously beautiful sensible shoes you've chosen.
    Have fun pounding the pavement.
    Annie xx

  11. Big congratulations on the new job! New beginnings, all 'round!

  12. Congratulations! So many changes on your horizon, and they all sound exciting. Bravo!

  13. I am excited for you with all the changes coming into your life. They always say that if you don't do something different, nothing ever changes. One little positive change can create an avalanche of blessings.

    Lori S.

  14. Congratulations!
    A surprise, as always ; ) I thought ,that you liked working in the library part- time, though..
    But good changes are welcome, especially so, if you were hoping for some : )

  15. Well done, and Good Luck in your new job! It's inspirational that new directions can happen at any time of life, we just need to be brave and go for it!

  16. Congratulations again on the new job! That's very exciting, and you seem to have celebrated in grand style.

    Those are some great looking shoes!

    Remodeling...oy. We're starting to talk about doing some long-overdue work on our house, am dreading the process but looking forward to the end result, whatever it may be.

  17. Congratulations, what wonderful news! Perhaps one day you will tell us a little more about what the new job entails? An exciting time, new job, 'new' house, new shoes. All good things, and healthier to boot.

  18. Wow,Hostess I have been in London for a few days & all change at the bungalow!
    Congratulations on the new job when do you start?

    Geox shoes /boots are so comfortable you will walk to work on a bubble (smile)

    Fun,laughter,love we gels know how to play. Ida x

  19. What wonderful news! I am so happy for you-may this be everything you could hope for, and more!

  20. Congrats are in order! Very exciting things happening your way =)

  21. Congratulations, Hostess! There's definitely a new energy about your blog that reflects the new energy in your life. I love it.

  22. Congratulations Hostess, how exciting! And being able to walk to work sounds perfect given your new fitness regime.