Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to wear when the temperature dips...

Baby it's cold outside!
I am cocooning in wool and layers and have recently purchased a down coat to wear walking about in the chill windy weather. I'll show it to you in an upcoming post...it's from Land's End!

Cashmere Club Monaco long scarf/shawl
3rd or 4th year in service and what a soft way to keep cozy
I highly recommend owning at least one of these.
(I have another in emerald green)

Looks rather dark in this image but I am wearing tights in charcoal grey by Hue
and my short booties in black with the western cowboy vibe
and a wool V neck dress which I bought from Zellers 
and it was under $50!

The texture has some interest
as the theme here is all grey.

I have taken off all my sterling bangles and have taken out my trusty timepiece
and I have added my gold bracelet for fun.

I am putting my best foot forward 
exercise is now so much easier
and I feel so much more energy as a result.

If you had told me this would have happened 
I think I might have doubted that fact.

I am embracing steaming mugs of tea and hot soups.
Chill chasers of the finest order.

Keep warm!


  1. You look delightful in your cocoon of gray and I must agree that the cashmere scarves from Club Monaco are just divine. I have a few and there is nothing like wrapping yourself up in one, as soft as a tissue. The only thing missing from the post is a glimpse of that pretty face of yours, maybe you can indulge us next time!! :)
    Stay warm my friend!!

  2. Club Monaco is one of my favorite places to shop - I wish we had one here. Many years ago, I bought loads of clothes on a shopping spree in Vancouver. It was back when the American dollar was strong so I got quite a deal. And I wore my CM purchases until they fell apart.

    It is cold here in northern California, too. It was 30 degrees when I got up this morning....brrr! I love it!

    So glad to hear that your exercise program is working for you and that you are seeing the benefits - noticing chnages will keep you motivated.

    Have a great Tuesday! xoxo, A

  3. Definitely need cashmere scarves - wonderfully comforting! just read your post about the celebration dinner for your new job - congratulations, I love the way you are stepping out so confidently.
    best wishes

  4. Love all the cashmere layers and it is wierd but the more exercise you do the less tired you are - have a fab week x


  5. How cold is it over there? We have had temperatures around +10°C, which is unusually warm for November.
    You have a nice scarf too : ) and are so prepared for stepping outside.
    Wishing you a happy day!

  6. I'm wearing my down coat these days for my evening walks. This cold damp weather drives through to the bones.
    You look warm and cozy in your tights and scarves.

  7. Down coats are the bees knees at fighting off the winter chill. My anti freeze coat is 30 years old, it's really heavy but keeps me so warm.

  8. You look so cozy and comfy in this outfit.
    Down coats are a necessity when the temps dip really low and the wind is blowing.

  9. I really like the calm tonal quality of this outfit. And share the love for puffer coats. Here in Montreal they are absolutely necessary.

  10. Is it true thst when you first start on te exercise route that you get exhausted before being more energised? It's funny that you are scarfing up, while here in oz I am packing mine away.

  11. wish I could cosy it up, it is boiling here. We don't have Club Monaco in Oz but I luff to visit when I am in Honkers x

  12. I love this time of year best when it's cold, but you can keep warm with cashmere shawls. I haven't broken out the down jackets yet. I am going to see if I can find Club Monaco online, I love yours.

  13. Love the watch/gold bracelet so elegant...I cannot wear silver.

    The grey scarf with the jumper is a delight..you are so clever with your clothes.Ida

  14. you couldn't look more cozy and warm. so glad to hear that you are loving the exercise too.


  15. You look wonderfully warm and stylish too, a perfect combination when the temperatures drop. It's been a little cooler here, yay! I've actually been wearing warm jackets for two days in a row.

  16. I love the way you have tied your scarf, very chic!I find that when I exercise, not only do I have more energy, but I also sleep much more soundly.

  17. I have a knee length down coat that I thoumet I would never use once we moved to CA...let em tell you it gets mighty chilly on some of those late baseball nights and I'm much happier watching 12 year old BB when I'm warm...Isn't it amazing how much better you feel and sleep when exercising?...off to make a mug of tea. oh...love your bracelet with your watch!

  18. I covet your scarf - not to mention the trusty timepiece! (I am also a member of the cashmere appreciation society.)
    Hope the new job is going well.