Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skin care update...the results are in!

I posted lamenting about my flaking dry post menopausal skin a few weeks ago.  I made an appointment and went to see the Dr. Hausckha rep and got the inside scoop on the latest and best products for my skin concerns. I was happy to meet a woman about my age with glowing skin. That does instill confidence for a start. I later found out to my surprise that she was not wearing foundation!

I explained my skin issues and related my current regime and was told that most of what I was doing was spot on that I just needed to replace 2 of my products for more intense products geared for skin of my age. I laid down my cash and walked away with the new products, serum and the moisturizer.
(plus a goodie bag chock full of freebies...which I am happy to report that I am using and loving! Yes samples work, I will be buying some of the select favourites especially the Lavender bath and Rose oil.)
I am delighted with the results from my new pores appear smaller and clearer, my skin is plumped and soft, and the flaking has disappeared. I am not at the stage where I will go without my foundation but I use a small amount and am evening out some visible capillaries beside my nose and on my cheeks.
I am indebted to the rep and delighted in the quality of the Dr. Hausckha line. There are so many products out there it is a dizzying array and one needs to zone in and focus on what works for them.
I have heard from many bloggers that the Clairisonic is a miracle tool, some swear by Hope in a Jar, or Creme de la Mer...
I try to balance cost with performance and what is gentle and safe that works for my skin.

What are you putting on your skin and are you happy with the results?

My thought for the day;
Honour yourself, walk with confidence and delight in the beauty that is uniquely you.


  1. I use a liquid cleanser Sebamed ( face&body) from the pharmacy´s for sensitive skin. So easy to have one product. I now have started to wash my face with a round sponge, every now and then. I trust the Rubinstein creams, I mentioned in my blog before. I´ll have to try some kind of pore minimizer too. Have never ever used one before!

  2. Hi Leslie,

    So happy to hear you've found something that is working for you. Also, very happy to hear your rep was not wearing foundation. She's letting you see her skin and that is so important. Why cover it up?


  3. Great to hear Leslie! I use Environ with similar skin to yours and am very happy with the result. The trick is to find something that works for you. It can make all the difference!!

    I love your thought for the true!

    Jeanne :)

  4. Glad to hear you've had positive results! As I posted last week, I've been quite pleased with the Clarisonic.

  5. I love my clarisonic - it has made such a difference! glad you found something you really like :)

  6. I'm on my third bottle of Garnier Fructis SPF28 day time moisturizer. It gives me such a nice glow. And it's cheap!

  7. Delighted your products work, especially re the flaking. I use Dove or Olay Age Perfect moisturizer for night and Avene moisturizer w/ SPF for day. No foundation.

  8. I've heard positive things about Dr. H from younger women -- nice to hear someone "of a certain age" likes it as well.
    I've been using Reversa eye, night, and day cream, then a Marcelle tinted moisturizer with SPF. Thinking about tinkering a bit with that formula, especially after a wonderful facial yesterday that got me focused.
    Thanks for your report.

  9. With all of you wonderful women gathered here at the blog I should be passing out tea and cookies! I find it is so interesting that we are all using different products, and happy with the results. I agree here with Jeanne.

    Clarisonic is held in high regard...Sweet Tea is it like a having a facial at home?
    I did read the recent blog post Deja Pseu and am glad that you are happy and I was surprised to see it is shower friendly!
    Metscan-Simple appeals to me as well, especially if it is targeting what your skin needs.
    Poppy- Glowing skin seems to appear younger and might not be wearing foundation either!
    Duchesse- SPF is so too that fact that you do not need foundation.
    Materfamilias-Tinted moisturizer is available in Dr. H I might give it a testdrive this summer on the boat.

  10. Hostess,
    Girl, you are G L O W I N G in your photo today.

    So excited for you.

    I am using a range of things at the moment - Kiehls, Estee Lauder, dermalogica, cetaphil cleanser and organic rosehip oil.

    I may need to follow your example though.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

  11. SSG-Thank you! I have heard that Cetaphil is the wrokhorse of gentle cleansers and rosehip oil has been proven to work...Kiehls has a great reputation so I think you've chosen well, and the proof is how it works with your skin.
    Have a fun weekend too!

  12. Exactly the same word came to my mind when I saw the photo: glowing!
    Flaking is the worst, second to pimples. I used to have flaking and pimples on my chin. Now I use Erno Laszlo for cleansing and Avene for the deep cleaning over night and the flaking is history. Are you still happy with Hauschka? I noticed my skin takes a product only a certain time, no matter how good the product is.

    again ... glowing!!

  13. Paula- I love the Dr. H line and there are many choices depending on your skin type. I think it would be safe to say 2 weeks before results are obvious but a great moisturizer should be noticeable sooner just by the way your skin feels.
    Facials are a great help when starting a new line or product.

    The website is great too...check out the amazing women and their fabulous skin online!